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Slimgirl Shapewear Workout Cincher Review

Slimgirl Shapewear Workout Cincher Review



slimgirl shapewear 1800 cinchers


slimgirl shapewear 1800 cinchers


I received  this  3 hooks  animal print workout waist cincher  from Slim girl shapewear ,I was invited for their store launch last month and I saw  a wide variety of shapewear in their store.Good thing they have a branch in America too – so our readers there aren’t left out 😀

slimgirl shapewear 1800 cinchers

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The workout cinchers are more flexible than the regular cinchers because they only have a few weak bones which allow you to move more freely. The workout cincher may show under clothing because they make some weird wrinkles on the sides but I prefer wearing them under my clothes as opposed to my steel boned corset.

Side View

slimgirl shapewear 1800 cinchers

Back View

slimgirl shapewear 1800 cinchers




Its best to use this at the gym because of its flexibility. Wearing a cincher during your workout routine means putting a little more pressure on your abdominal muscles, forcing them to work harder than usual, since it’s made of latex material its helps reduce belly fat through thermal heat, you see results faster

I believe you’ll get better results with their slim gel ( I cant wait to get my hands on that!)

 These cinchers don’t make any permanent change to your body ,it’s not that strong, only a proper steel boned corset can do that- I can testify to that-Ill probably tell you about my waist training regime some other time.

Visit or Order from their Konga Store HERE



Slim Girl Shapewear U.S.A 
3099 Brekinridge Blvd Ste 106A
Duluth, Ga 30096
Tel: +1404-793-6996

Slim Girl Shapewear Africa
Odyssey Place. Plot 4 T.F. Kuboye Rd
Alternate Route Oniru New Market
Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria.
+234 809 066 3293
+234 809 066 3294




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  • Thnk you for the review. I guess this isn’t for those of us who want permanent body change. I love your water bottle. Weird compliment, but please where did you get it from?

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