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Two Ways To Style A Floral Jacquard Suit Ft Sumissura

Two Ways To Style A Floral Jacquard Suit Ft Sumissura

Hey guys so today, I’ll be styling this custom floral Jacquard suit by Sumissura.

Sumissura is an online website that allows you customise your suits online, it was the first time I was using this type of service so I was really excited and curious to see how well the suit was going to  fit me

The process 

The site allows you to design a clothing item by choosing from a variety of options – color,style, fabric , length, pockets, button type and so much more.  

I have recorded a video of the process so you can see how easy it is

Final Verdict

This suit is by far the best quality of clothing I’ve had in a while. It’s well made & Sumissura didn’t make mistakes with my customisations- one thing though , the jacket came a little bit big so I had to give it to a tailor to alter for me. It got lost in the tailor’s place hence why my review is coming a few months late.

If it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you take it to a local tailor to have it adjusted and submit the invoice to Sumissura, and they reimburse the cost of alterations up to 25% of the total amount you paid to purchase the suit.  

Day look

Night Look

Day Look

Jacqard Suit: Sumissura
Crop Top: Boohoo
Sneakers: Boohoo
Backpack: Boohoo

Night Look

Jacqard Suit: Sumissura
Corset Top: Pretty Little Thing
Heels: Pretty Little Thing
Clutch: My Store

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