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What I Wore: Tropical Print Crop Top Set (Airbnb Review)

What I Wore: Tropical Print Crop Top Set (Airbnb Review)

I recently visited Benin Republic and stayed at this beautiful Airbnb apartment. Find my review below

* It was pretty close to the border so it was a great way to break out trip
*The interior was beautiful, honestly I wish we stayed for more than a day – it’s such a great place to chill
* It’s close to the major areas in Cotonou

*The host is.. err..let me say a bit difficult. We had the whole place to ourselves but she had people checking up on us ALOT. I would say the language barrier caused the miscommunication
*They had power issues – hope they get an inverter/generator to fix that issue
That being said , I would still book this listing again if I ever went on a solo trip – it’s an introverts paradise

Link to the listing I stayed: Here
Cost: Avg $66 a night (minimum of two nights) + other charges so a total of about $250

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