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The Ever-Enduring Popularity Of Gemstone Jewellery

The Ever-Enduring Popularity Of Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstones has been admired for hundreds if not thousands of years and are seen as things of beauty straight from Mother Nature. This is the reason they are as popular today as they’ve ever been.

For the women of years gone by, gemstones possessed almost mystical qualities and could well have played a part in the hierarchy of women in an ancient clan or community. Of course, some gemstones are more heralded than others, but one thing runs central to all of them and that’s their enduring beauty and appeal.

The great thing about the vast majority of gemstone jewellery pieces is their uniqueness. Silver and gold standard jewellery are often mass produced and although attractive, rarely provides the ‘wow’ factor. Emerald gemstone jewellery is a good example of jewellery that has the potential to turn heads. The bright vivid green of these very special stones compliments almost any item of clothing and can be worn to almost any occasion. In short, it is a timeless classic.

Gemstone Jewellery As A Fashion Statement

Certain fashions come and go in regard to jewellery, fashion, clothes and music but when it comes to gemstones, they are always in fashion somewhere at some point in time. A skilled artisan can produce striking pieces with merely a drawing as reference, this makes gemstone jewellery unique and provides the wearers with a fashion item that is truly their own.

Types of Jewellery

The types of jewellery that can be adorned with gemstones is wide and varied. From rings to necklaces to bracelets to body piercings, there is something for everyone regardless of taste. Everyone who owns a piece of gemstone jewellery will always remember where it came from and what, if any, occasion it marked.

Gemstones By Birth Month

Image Source: Pixabay

Although the origins are not totally clear, certain gemstones have been attributed to people’s birth months. This makes finding the ideal birthday gift for a loved one easy, you simply cannot go wrong.

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For those born in January, get a garnet. For those with February birth month, give an amethyst. Those born in March have aquamarine as their birthstone. For April, it’s diamond. May is emerald. June is either alexandrite or pearl. July is ruby. You can give a peridot for those born in August. Those born in September can have sapphire. For October, get him or her an opal or a tourmaline. Those born in November can have citrine or topaz, while those with December birth month can have zircon, tanzanite or turquoise.

You can find out more about your birthstone online. As previously mentioned, the origins of this classification are not entirely clear, however, they go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

Finding The Right Gemstone Specialist

It’s fair to say that finding a specialist that can craft the perfect jewellery design can be difficult. If you would like a design that is truly unique, you will not find it on the local high street or shopping mall. A good artisan will take the time to study your requested design and provide you with feedback on your choice.

Owning a piece of gemstone jewellery is a privilege so make sure you engage the services of a designer/retailer who ticks all the boxes.

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