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Wearing beaded bracelets – Steer clear of the most common mistakes made by men

Wearing beaded bracelets – Steer clear of the most common mistakes made by men

Within the last couple of years, bracelets for men have taken off as a noteworthy trend, specifically among the fashionistas. Blokes and bracelets are a complicated mix. From braided cord to leather bands, metallic cuffs to wooden beads, the film stars and fashion icons all over the world are sprucing up their wrist game by adopting a bracelet.

As long as bracelets are concerned for men, there are certainly some rules to follow. Beads were always preserved for their ultimate worth and beauty and they were used in clothes, jewelleries and in talismans. Eventually, they began to be used in men’s jewelry. However, there are many who make silly mistakes while wearing their beaded bracelets. Let’s point out and rectify some of them.

Mistake #1: Wearing unmatched colors

Much against what you may think, men’s bracelets are more colorful and varied than women and the reason behind this is the stones from where the beads are collected. Wearing a black bracelet will give you that classy look with everything that you put on. But if you choose to opt for colours, you have to remember that the color of the beads should go with the wardrobe color. In case you pair your bracelet with a wristwatch, try a good contrast. Avoid loud and too bright colors.

Mistake #2: Wearing too many bracelets

Nowadays, you’ll come across men who over-stack bracelets. Though it might sometimes look fancy if you choose a poor color combination, this can give you a devastating look. In case you’re new to this ‘bracelet-trend’, start off with wearing just one bracelet at a time.

Mistake #3: Wearing bracelets that don’t fit

The third most common mistake that men make while wearing bracelets is choosing the wrong fit. They often end up choosing too tight or too loose bracelets. Wearing bracelets that are too loose will not give you a graceful look and if you wear a tight one, it’ll look as if you’ve borrowed it from someone else. So, be accurate regarding the size of the bracelet that you choose.

Mistake #4: Wearing shimmery beads

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One more bad choice made by men is the shimmery bead bracelets. No fashion expert will ever suggest you wear shimmery beaded bracelets as that spoils the classy look that you could otherwise get from a proper non-shimmery beaded bracelet.

Mistake #5: Wearing bracelets with lucky charms or cartoons

Bracelets are probably the best things that a man can wear but you shouldn’t wear anything that goes against your style statement. There are many who prefer wearing charms bracelets with snake, dragon, lion or Batman symbols.  Although this isn’t bad to wear but you should think twice before wearing them. While the face of a lion may not look too bad but don’t opt for cartoonish lion faces as they spoil the appearance of the bracelet.

So, if you’re a fashionable man who loves to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, steer clear from committing any of the above-mentioned mistakes while wearing bracelets.

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