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I said Yes! ft Jeulia Wedding Rings

I said Yes! ft Jeulia Wedding Rings



If I do get married, instead of an expensive ring and over the top wedding- I don’t value these things – Ill love a house – being financially smart means more to me .Plus I’m so clumsy – Ill lose the ring in a year lol

If you’re looking  for inexpensive wedding/engagement rings try .Even if its just a promise ring , Jeulia is where you should start your ring research. They carry a huge selection of engagement rings, bridal bands, and perhaps most exquisitely – black diamond rings.

About Jeulia

Jeulia was crafted by a true love story. Their story about how they came to be who they are today is seriously one for the books! It all started with two lovers who began as college classmates with Fashion Jewelry Design as their major direction. Each Valentine’s Day since becoming lovers the two would exchange a rubber or plastic ring, designed by themselves. On Graduation Day the two made a great determination to open a Jewelry store and that was also the day they realized they would get married! They then went on to establish the jewelry we have all come to know and love, Jeulia.

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The ring I’m wearing above is the  Two Tone Round Cut Created Sapphire Wedding Set.  It’s a size 9 1/4  and its a little bit too big, ill get a 9 1/2 next time .   The design is  feminine , I love that its interchangeable to you can wear it in different ways –

Delivery took about a 5 days and the package is exquisite .You can watch my unboxing video to see what youll be getting

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