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Femme Luxe Clothing Review

Femme Luxe Clothing Review

femme luxe review

I present to you another Femme Luxe Haul, so glad I get to partner with them again!


When I placed my order, this red ruched dress was the one item I was looking forward to, it’s versatile so you can wear it as a knee-length dress or make use of the ropes to shorten the length, its the perfect date night dress *cries in single*

This structured crop top is an ideal layering piece for an evening out and you can also wear it by itself. Pairing it with pieces that add a little more coverage to your look won’t make you feel exposed
The quality of this item is surprisingly great, the boning isn’t flimsy like the other ‘structured/corset’ tops I’ve had in the past

White lace dresses give a sophisticated and pure vibe, they are versatile enough so can be dressed up or down, feminised or brutalised, chic or casual.

femme luxe review
Black & Pink Sparkle Stripe Wide Leg Trousers - Quinn

These Black & Pink sparkle stripe wide leg pants make the perfect outfit for a New Years’ Eve/Christmas party. They’re fun, they’re shiny and surprisingly pretty comfortable. There was one thing I didn’t really like though, the glitters fall everywhere! You might want to try putting on got2b hair spray on them before you wear them put

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