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House Of Deola Unveils The 2nd Series Of Komole Kandids

House Of Deola Unveils The 2nd Series Of Komole Kandids

Former eponymous label, Deola Sagoe has revamped and rebranded her high fashion brand with first, a change in nomenclature to House of Deola and the introduction of a breathtaking bridal wear, the Komolle Kandids Range. 

Just  by looking at the pictures which were snapped by Kelechi Amadi Obi, it is obvious that a lot was put into making the individual pieces of the Komole range as the pieces evoke a sense of royalty in their appearance.

In this collection, Deola switches the attention from the bride to the guests with her beautiful pieces such as gorgeous doll-like dresses– A-line skirts paired with cropped tops, dresses with fitted bodices and flirty skirts, a trench coat done with the signature Komole Kandids fabric and motifs is paired over crop top and Capri skinny pants, peplum Bella top paired with an equally exquisite Rosa skirt.

The brand also states that the Komole range required over 12 years of research and development as it was aimed at bringing a refreshingly new and modern take on lace and Aso oke – the two common fabrics used in weddings.


Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-26 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-24 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-22 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-23 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-21 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-19 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-20 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-18 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-17 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-16 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-15 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-14 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-13 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-12 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-11 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-9 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-10 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-7 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-8 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-5 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-4-1 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-6 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-2 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-1 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-3 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-29 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-28 Adeola-Sagoe-Komole-Kandis-Second-Series-30



Plot 292F Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

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