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A plaid ‘ye’ say

A plaid ‘ye’ say

Hello and welcome to the Stylebuff Corner. this is my very post and I’m very excited to be sharing some of knowledge of MEN’S style with you, but would be even more glad to get your view on things from time to time as well.

Today we’re talking about simple tips to wearing plaid, even for  the minimalist/conservative dude. First i have to say that plaid pants are great for ANY occasion, but for guys who are still on-the-bench regarding this trend, here’s what to know;

  • Make it the main event; build your outfit around your plaid pants, that way you will be able to either tone your ensemble UP or DOWN
  • Navy or Black blazer is always great to have, it’s the easiest and safest way to pull-off your plaid look
  • Yes turtle neck depending on the function and weather, a stylish way to rock plaid, best to go with a very dark color code.
  • Waistcoat is also a great way to go if you’re planning on plaiding. As suggested above, go for a white shirt or sky blue shirt and either a black or navy waistcoat. It tones the plaid down which I believe you would really appreciate if you’re not the loud/adventurous type.
  • Lastly, DARE to wear.

Thanks for reading, I put a few pictures to support my epistle 🙂 and I’m also available to answer questions you might have.

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