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Dress Up: Floral Suit

Dress Up: Floral Suit

Hiya!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far…..
I love this suit!!! Not only is it beautiful, it reminds me that God cares about area of my life…how you ask?
When I travelled last month, it was really hard to find formal clothes for school and I got really emotional (as usual) coz I asked the Holyspirit to guide me so I can get all the things on my list and felt like he was kinda ‘slacking’ in his duties .. I was going to spend a week and on the 4th day I still couldn’t get anything sensible…. So after ‘para-ing’ for the Holy spirit,I went out the next day with a box this time,I had never shopped with a box! Lool. (l didn’t even know I was stepping out in faith)
Lemme cut whole story short ,The first store I entered was Debenhams ,(ddnt want to coz I guessed it’ll be too expensive) ….you won’t believe they were on sale and I got plenty formal clothes there…that whole day sha I got 80% of all the things I wrote on my shopping list from different stores and the box was filled!!!!

All I’m trying to say is, Trust to God with the little things,he cares about the little details,yes! Even the clothes you wear(Matthew 6: 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?)

If you’re hair isn’t growing ask him! He knows how many is on ur head anyways (Mat 10:20)

Tired of your acne,ask him!He made a leprous mans skin look like a young child’s 2king5:14 Want to loose weight..ASK! He’ll guide you

Start trusting him with the little things so you can trust Him with bigger things ..He wants to be your bestfriend and just because things doesn’t happen at the time you planned doesn’t mean it won’t happen 😀

20131013-235231.jpg 20131013-235426.jpg 20131013-235323.jpg 20131013-235335.jpg 20131013-235351.jpg 20131013-235400.jpg 20131013-235437.jpg20131013-235409.jpg 20131013-235414.jpg 20131013-235459.jpg 20131013-235510.jpg Suit:Debenhams //Shirt: Foxcroft//Shoes: Shoedazzle//Watch,bracelet: Asos // Necklace: Forever21

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P.s Pardon the look of my hair…tired of it already! Miss my big curly wig!!

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PICTURES BY @hrm_dave

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