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Shake ‘N Take Blender Review

Shake ‘N Take Blender Review

In my quest to stay healty, I’ve decided to increase my intake of fruits , Fruits are  really important because  they  contain antioxidants that helps to fight the free-radicals that  causes ageing. I really hope by the time I’m thirty I’ll be on a raw vegan diet but for now I’ll just be a fruit junkie.

A fun way to take fruits is to make smoothies-this is what the Shake ‘N Take Blender does,  it blends smoothies and protein shakes and you can drink from the same bottle -how convenient?!


I was going to order one from Amazon (plenty positive reviews)  but I found in Nigeria so I ordered from here

Shake ‘N Take Blender Review

The package comes with these items;

 The motor

A bottle

An instructions manual

Shake ‘N Take Blender Review

How to use

  1. Simply cut fruits and other ingredients and place everything into the sports bottle.
  2. Tighten the lid and align the bottle to the motor base slot and rotate counter-clock wise to lock it securely.
  3. Plug in unit, firmly grasp sports bottle and push button to opera

Shake ‘N Take Blender Review

Apple SmoothieShake ‘N Take Blender Review



-convenient and easy to use

-easy to store; compact

-easy to wash

-strong machine and sharp blades

-Bottle is secure and doesn’t leak out your smoothies

One major complaint I read from people who had purchased the Shake ‘N Take blender  is that the motor spoils fast but someone said the key to making it last long is to  not to run the motor for too long at a time -he has had his for about a year.

Buy the Shake ‘N Take Blender  Here (best price) , Here, Here or Here

Next of my wishlist is the Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker! It uses  frozen fruit to make healthy soft-serve ice cream and desserts! I so cant wait to get my hands on them!

If you have any smoothie recipe, please share 😀

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