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Juicing Recipes: Ugwu Juice (Pumpkin Leaf)

Juicing Recipes: Ugwu Juice (Pumpkin Leaf)

ugwu juice,weight loss nigeria,jucing ,smoothies (3)

So today I’m sharing one of my favourite green juice recipes, lets call it the ‘Ugwu Power Juice’

When I was researching about green smoothies, 98% of the recipes contain Kale- and kale doesn’t grow here so some people said ugwu would be a good replacement.

Ugwu has a lot of benefits it contains a healthy amount of vitamins. rich in iron and can be used to cure anemia (I’m slightly anemic) ,its good for diabetics as it has sugar reducing effects,increases blood volume,boosts immune system and has high protein content.

Before trying this  out I had never eaten ugwu so i was really scared it’ll be bitter- but it isn’t, adding pineapples adds some sweetness to the juice

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 What you need

ugwu juice,weight loss nigeria,jucing ,smoothies (3)

Ugwu Leaves 

1 Pineapple -The small sweet one

1 Cucumber

1 Apple

1 Orange

2 Carrots


If you haven’t read our post on juicing basics, please check here – but in summary,a juicer separates the juice of a fruit or vegetable from the pulp/fiber and the juice ; it’s loaded with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds
ugwu juice,weight loss nigeria,jucing ,smoothies (3)

kenwood juicers in nigeria

This is the pulp,fiber and seeds that has been separated by the  juicerugwu juice,weight loss nigeria,jucing ,smoothies (3) ugwu juice,weight loss nigeria,jucing ,smoothies (3)

I dont have mason jars yet, the ones I found on Konga go for N8,000 for 2 bottles – So im thinking of ordering aliexpress becasue I want alot- so for now I just recycle old plastic bottles at home




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  • “Power juice “, son always says that. I use bitter leaf cos it grows around where I live. Very bitter.

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