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Anne Elise Real Hair [Review]

Anne Elise Real Hair [Review]


So the people at Anne Elise hair sent me their Filipino and Cambodian hair recently, I had seen a review about their hair sometime ago (check here) and I really wanted it!

About the company

It is essentially a blend of both complementary hair origins. The origins stated are actually hair origins not exotic names they add for marketing purposes. They started out machine wefting the hair themselves  in London and found that by mixing certain hair origins/textures, they could get a hybrid of great properties in one product. It takes quite a while to find hairs that complement each other and hence their limited offering but they are working on others.

The textures they currently have

1) Filipino and Cambodian hair blend– This is a novel offering and is lower in luster (not as silky or shiny as the AS hair blend) and tends to be more bodied.

 2) Argentinean and Spanish hair blend– Bouncy, bodied and silky hair

 3) Cambodian and Russian hair blend (Wavy)


I loved the packaging of this hair

anne elise real hair

I also received a brush,a clear bag ,a shower cap and bendy rollers anne elise real hair anne elise real hair

I received a closure too,they don’t really deal in closures but this closure is EVERYTHING!! It’s a silk base closure and I believe that’s the best type of closures around

So if you don’t want to leave your hair out,they can also provide a closure for you

I’m thinking of  tinting  my closure with tea or coffee to make it more realistic ,It’s  kinda light for my skin Color

anne elise real hair


About the hair

I made the hair a wig ( stressful experience!), I couldn’t do a tutorial post on it coz I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when I started! Lool,….It was the first time I was actually sewing tracks to a wig cap,I used to take the easy route and just glue it down

When I unpacked it,I hand brushed the hair for a very long time,and there was no shedding at all! The weft is really hard,when I was making my wig,I could not pass my needle trough it,that’s a good thing tho’ ,it reduces shedding and the hair lasts longer

 The Colour I have is 1b (dark brown)

 When I was making my wig,I tried as much as possible not to cut the wefts so the hair doesn’t shed much,I used the fold over method and I doubled some tracks, I eventually had to cut but shedding is minimal still(like two/three strands after brushing)


I recieveed 13″,14″ and 16″ and a 12-14 inch silk based closure



I prefare to wear it curled,It holds a curl really well,I could go days without re-curling or using my bendy rollers!

Making it a wig allows me to be more versatile with it,I could wear it as a center part or side part


See Also


The hair had a nice smell not pungent


It’s full and has  low to medium luster


I love the texture ,it blends perfectly with African/ Nigerian hair! Closest thing to having a realistic weave …I didn’t want I damage my hair by straighning it everytime that’s why I got a closure

Silk based closures are the best coz they look like your actual scalp,no need to bleach the lace


I dyed this hair a week after I got it,it didn’t take a long time to process( about 45 min),This was perfect coz it proves the hair hasn’t been dyed before

Tips: If a company claims to sell virgin hair and it’s jet black,it’s not truly virgin,it was dyed black,virgin hair is usually Colour 1b


They can also color your weave for you if you like and the ship WORLDWIDE!!!


 (+234) 8103878447, BB PIN:7C8902AE

Instagram: @anneeliserealhair

The hair is sold at Melissa black boutique , 10 Furo Ezimora, Lekki Phase 1

Don’t forget to enter for the Mr Price competition HERE btw 🙂

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