How I Dyed My Anne Elise Hair



So I’m just going to run through how I dyed my hair, I was going for an Ombre (dip dye) look

What I used

Anne Elise Filipino and Cambodian hair

Creme of nature honey blonde hair dye

Foil paper


how i lightened my hair

I mixed the components of the dye together

cremeof nature hair dye

I put the mixture at the ends and a lil’  bit on the closure, then I wrapped it in foil paper

 I left it on for about 45 minutes and washed it with some shampoo

anne elise real hair copyOn the right is the shedding I got after dying..pretty impressive if I must say

I also deep conditioned by applying TRESemme climate protection conditioner  on the wet hair and I left it in a plastic bag over night,t his helps prevent the hair from getting dry and frizzing up


I try to deep condition every month

I try to wash with a conditioner every 2 weeks

I try as much as possible to avoid heat when styling my hair, making it a wig makes this easier coz I don’t sleep with my hair so the curls last longer


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