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NEW FINDS: Scentcity Beauty Palace

NEW FINDS: Scentcity Beauty Palace

Hey you guys!! I haven’t been so active here coz I’m currently doing my NYSC program!! I did a post telling you guys how I graduated and stuff ,Ill still put it up sha (once I find

So I was searching the internet for some hair bleach and developer and I stumbled across this lovely site

Scentcity Beauty Palace  is a perfume and beauty online retail store. They deal majorly in the sales of designer  perfumes,  cosmetics, hair and various accessories.

A few of my favorite things

scent palace

For those always asking where to find the sleek contour kit! Look no further 😀scent palace (2)

I’m not going to be buying the hair bleach and developer now  tho,its a lil’ bit too expensive for me at the moment but I love that they have alot of things that are hard to find in Nigeria!

Check out their site HERE

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