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New IN: Sammy Dress

New IN: Sammy Dress


The people at reached out to me.They have been following my blog for a while and they wanted me to partner with them,of course I said yes! I love awoof!! 😀

About Sammy dress

Sammy dress is an online retailer that specializes in fashion at a warehouse price. They have hundreds [if not thousands] of items in their stock, and they update new items in their inventory daily!
They carry everything from jackets, dresses, makeup brushes, home accessories to wedding dresses and tuxes.
Their page is available in multiple languages and they ship world wide! Which is awesome because it’s available to everyone!

I chose this bag

sammy dress

I was really hoping it’ll look like the one the girl is rocking but I totally forgot it was under the satchel category,still cool tho..I really like it!

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Shipping took about 2/3 weeks,Im not so sure when they sent it from their end tho’ ,my post office called me two days ago to pick it up (i didnt pay any extra charge)

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