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Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightener

Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightener

So remember I told you about how I wanted to get hair bleach from Scentcity palace….I finally got it!! I bought the Kaleidocolors and a 40 vol developer, they delivered the next day and delivery was N900.

I had been trying to dye my Anne Elise hair to a blonde colour for a while ,I used the honey blonde dye from Creme of nature (you can check the colour I achieved here)

Then I dyed it with a random blonde dye I got at goodies  but my hair was just light brown


The bleach I got is the violet type, the company makes  other tonal shades (Blue, Neutral, and Gold)

I love the smell of this stuff,  It smells like blueberries!!!


I just mixed the bleach and the developer together and applied it to  half of my weave, covered the bleached section with foil paper. I used my blow dryer to heat it up too btw

Make sure you leave it for about 20 minutes as stated on the pack and apply it fast!

The first section of the hair I applied the mixture started to burn (literally) The foil paper was heating up really bad  and the hair had already turned orange. Thank God it was blonde when I rinsed it out

Then shampoo your hair and  DEEP CONDITION!!!!

Try some Moroccan Argan oil on your hair, to keep your hair silky smooth. It will make your hair look and smell wonderful. (They have at Poise in Ikeja City Mall)



*Always bleach your hair if your want whatever colour your desire to come out vibrant

* DYE relaxed hair, if you relax dyed hair, the hair will melt off! (Talking from experience)

*Please use hand gloves, I used my bare hands and I got burnt

 Get the bleach and developer here




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