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There is almost no makeup collection that is complete these days without liquid lipsticks.

It is one item that has been around for a while but just came back in style. From Anastasia Beverly Hills to Kat Von D, anybody that is anybody has a liquid lipstick line.

It usually comes in a liquid consistency similar to that of a liquid eyeliner but instead dries matte and ends up looking like a lipstick.

A very important point to note is that most of these lipsticks claim to be anti-smudge, so if you eat a big bowl of Eba and Okro soup and then move on to finish a whole barbequed chicken, it is supposed to stay intact on your lips.

Lol….maybe I exaggerated but it reduces the need of having to touch up after every meal to the barest minimum.

The only issue I have with this item is that on average, it costs more than normal lipsticks do.
Why should I want to spend more if it gives the same effect?

Want to try it out for yourself, check out our very own Nigerian Brands here

Love, Anu….xx


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  • Liquid lipsticks are here to stay!!! I absolutely love them but I don’t think they have the same effect as other lipsticks do. There’s just this look it gives, idk idk but they are amazing!!

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