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Beauty tip of the week

Beauty tip of the week

It is with so much sadness in my heart that I announce the death of ‘chalk lips”.Honestly I am not sad. I am sure we have all been or are currently guilty of applying nude or flesh tone lipsticks and it ends up looking cakey or like chalk. Please, please, please and please, take to heart what you are about to read so we don’t look like we ate a box of iced doughnuts!

  1. Always, ALWAYS! Moisturize

When the lips are chapped and dry, lipstick magnifies every flaw. Its like you are looking through a microscope.  Always apply a moisturizer or better still lipbalm before applying lipstick, for a more professional and finished look, you can go further to prime the lip before applying the lipstick.

  1. Always use a lip-liner if you are using a nude or flesh toned lipstick

For some reason, the pigments in nude lipstick (no matter how close to the skin tone) just don’t do any justice to dark or cocoa skin. A flesh toned or light brown lip pencil makes a world of difference as the lipstick sits and looks way better.

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