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Three Tips For A Flawless And Safe Fake Tan This Summer

Three Tips For A Flawless And Safe Fake Tan This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to bare all. However, for the one in five women who are addicted to tanning salons, there will only be tanned skin on show. A golden tan is notoriously believed to look healthier and more attractive. But with sunbeds accountable for $343 million pounds of medical care each year due to the harmful UV rays they give out, it’s time the nation take care of their skin by ditching the sunbeds and using a bottle of toxin-free fake tan instead.

Prep your skin

Sherry Pagoto of the University of Massachusetts Medical School states that there’s no such thing as a safe tan. But with fake tan there really is. The key to achieving a flawless fake tan is preparation. Your skin needs to be smooth, hair-free and hydrated before you even think about opening up the bottle. While shaving works well, waxing is the best option as it gets the root of the hair out and will leave your skin completely fuzz-free. Don’t forget to remove excess hair from your face, also, as you’ll need to apply the tan here too. Trim nose hairs if they’ve gotten too long, but don’t use nose wax as it may irritate your skin. Next, you must exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells which can cause dry skin and leave you with a patchy tan.

Use the right tools

A study by Guy et al found that adolescent sunbed usage has dropped by half. This is due to better education on the dangers of sunbeds and an increase in the number of self tanning products on the market. When it comes to applying your fake tan, latex gloves are an absolute necessity, otherwise, you’ll find yourself with orange hands that no amount of scrubbing will remove. Instead, use a tanning mitt and a back brush to ensure a perfect application. There are also tricks you can use to prevent orange patches. Cover your feet with tape or wear adhesive foot pads to avoid standing in excess product and place petroleum jelly on your eyebrows to stop an orange build up in the hair.

Take it slow

It’s best to start off light and gradually build up to your desired shade rather than going all out on your first application. Three in ten U.S consumers currently treat themselves to spray tans to achieve the perfect UV-free tan, but it’s cheaper and often more convenient to do it yourself. A year-round flawless tan is only achieved with constant maintenance and you’ll need to regularly exfoliate your skin and reapply your tan to keep it looking perfect. Therefore, this is the ideal time to go up to a darker shade, if you wish.

A fake tan from a bottle is the ultimate way to achieve a safe tan. However, to ensure it looks perfect you must prep your skin and apply it carefully. So be sure to remove body hair and exfoliate before you apply and always use the right tools during application.

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