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What to Wear to Work When You’re Too Lazy to Think

What to Wear to Work When You’re Too Lazy to Think

Do you have a tough time picking your work outfits? Today, many men are turning in traditional three-piece suits for “business casual” attire. This doesn’t quite involve tank tops and flip-flops, but it allows men to look casual yet still businesslike.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to piece together a game-changing outfit for work. You may be running late or tired from a wild weekend. In these cases, there are some great options if you’re too lazy to ruminate about which clothes to pair with your vintage messenger bag.

Here are some ideas that work.

Casual (and Comfy) Shoes

It’s important to have one or two work shoes you can wear on a daily basis. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so some practical go-to options include oxfords and loafers. These are always great business casual shoes that provide the right blend of style and comfort.

If you want some good, all-around shoes, what should you look for? Make sure you feel comfortable wearing the style depending on how formal/informal your workplace is. Go with basic styles that can work with work shirts, blazers, chinos, and so on. These options are shoo-ins!

Leather Belt

If you don’t feel like spending an hour picking a man’s belt for work clothes, then go with leather. This is a basic material that can go with just about any top, bottom, and shoes. The right colors, like black and beige, can make it easier to complement your outfit. They go with everything!

What else should you look for? Make sure the belt has a basic style so it’s not overly formal or casual for your workplace. Parts like the buckle and the rivets should be sturdy. This will add more style to the belt and help to extend the accessory’s lifespan.


Today, T-shirts aren’t just for undergarments or lounging around the house. They’re also becoming an acceptable option for work wear. For example, you can sport them with a pair of khaki chinos on dress-down Fridays. Then during the week, you can pair the tee with a tweed jacket or blazer.

What should you look for? Features like a chest pocket and an embroidered logo will help to add some extra style to the T-shirt and thus make it more workplace-friendly.

Colors like blue and olive are better options than tie dye for the office. Also, make sure the casual shirt provides good fit and comfort.

Speaking of t-shirts, custom t-shirts with fun fonts are a great way to look good without breaking the bank, You could even invest in direct to garment ink and printers to make your own custom shirts at home.

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Work Shirt

The work shirt has been worn for eons by workers like farmers and World War II sailors. It’s a basic shirt that’s a good choice for many types of work. Make sure to look for a shirt that’s rugged enough to withstand the wear and tear of your labour whether it’s in an office or warehouse. It should work overtime.

The work shirt should also win some style points. Look for features like an eye-catching colour, patch pockets, and modern fit. This will give the shirt a wow factor and may result in questions about where you bought the top.


Sometimes, picking a work outfit is a tough way to start your day even after your first cup of coffee. Maybe you’re recovering from a drinking session, late-night TV, or a few hours of shut-eye. In these situations, you’ll want quick and easy outfit options that won’t take forever to piece together. Save your energy for work.

These abovementioned options can help you put together a whole ensemble in just minutes. A work shirt, khakis, leather belt, and loafers are some basic options that can help you dress smartly for work without thinking too much. This can free up time in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast and to get to your job on time. Picking clothes shouldn’t be hard work!

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