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How to Look Stunning in a Cheap Suit?

How to Look Stunning in a Cheap Suit?

From the ancient time when man invented clothes, they have been considered as a symbol of wealth and security. There are many types of garments including suits and dresses. A suit is the last invention man has ever discovered or made in the clothes industry.

Suits are a source of confidence. People with suits tend to be courageous, self-confident and respectable. A well-made suit will enhance your appearance. They are all similar, but you can make them look unique with different features.

You don’t need to wear an expensive suit to look good or to be extremely attractive. You can buy a cheap one and still look stunning.

Here are different ways of making your cheap suit look stunning:

Replacement of buttons

Cheap suits always tend to have buttons which can break easily. We advise you to go to a skilled tailor and ask him or her to replace them with simple, genuine ones but worth it. It will not cost you much, and you will look awesome.


Don’t wash your suit more frequently

By cleaning your outfit more regularly, it will wear the fabric and the color will fade quickly, making it look cheap and old. You can spot clean a mark on your suit using an ordinary sponge. If you feel a smell on your outfit, try sticking it in in the freezer for eight hours and the smell will be gone for good.


Iron your suit

Iron it to remove creases which makes your outfit look cheap and old. Steam it the night before and hang it overnight in a well-conditioned room. The air will neutralize any lousy smell, and by morning the suit will be ready.


Find an affordable supplier

You can get a cheap supplier who sell affordable and high-quality suits. Get someone who will get you a well-fitting suit at $99 or less. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive outfits. What you should consider more is the quality, price, your style, and the occasion. Once you combine all these four aspects, you’ll have an incontestable look.


Get Stylish Shoes

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Footwear is part of your dress code. They dictate your style and brings out your taste and preference. Get stylish shoes that will coordinate well with your cheap suit. Mostly, people will judge your fashion buds by the kind of shoes you wear. Give people a chance to believe your suit expensive by wearing stylish shoes. It’s all about thinking outside the box!

Use Monochromatic style

Choose one solid color for your suit, a tie and a pair of shoes. It will look expensive and finer.


Add cufflinks to your trousers

Cufflinks to your trousers look excellent. They make your suit look expensive and beautiful. Look for the ones with a rich-looking variation. They tend to make your outfit look stunning. Ask your tailor to add 1.5-inch cuff while at it.

 In summary,

An excellent, attractive suit determines your overall look. Physical appearance is the order of the day. Pick a suit with keen attention to detail, and you will surely get the best. Spend less and let the heads turn with admiration!

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  • I loved this article! Styles including suits are my favorite, especially when people aren’t afraid to add some color. I think hipster style suits that employ bright colors like blue without being neon (just enough so it could still work in a serious setting) are just the best. Under-layers work great with them too, like thin turtlenecks that make your outfit look distinctive without letting you get too hot, or plaids printed on fine enough material that the pattern makes you stand out without turning your outfit into something that’s “too relaxed”.

    I’ve been writing about stuff like style since I was sixteen. I’m always looking at other blogs for inspiration, and I have to say that yours looks amazing! Like seriously, I found the link to yours in a blog list for 2018, and I couldn’t guess that it would look this professional. That’s not me underestimating you. I’ve read a bunch of “big blogs”, and most of them seem to have a sort homegrown style where you can sort of tell how they can be kept up by one person. They’re still good of course, but this looks nicer than some magazine websites.

    I’m eighteen, and I’ve been operating my own online licensed thrift shop since my junior year of high school. On the site, I also blog, mostly about style, but also about lifestyle stuff, DIYs, physical self-care, etc. My content gets about 70k+ monthly viewers and 4k+ monthly engagement through Pinterest. I’d love to collaborate on an article sometime.

    Please get back to me with a response as soon as you can.

    Well wishes,
    Alexandria Turner

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