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Princess jasmine inspired makeup!!! (Step by Step Guide)

Princess jasmine inspired makeup!!! (Step by Step Guide)


I did this last year and a lot of people have asked me how to get the look….here it is

Step 1

Start with a clean face. Cleanse and moisturize!!moisturize!!moisturize!! because it determines how good your makeup looks on your skin.

Step 2

Apply primer on face. It allows your powder and foundation stay on for a long time

Step 3

Apply foundation to even out skin tone, concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin color to cover those annoying blemishes and powder that matches your skin color to set then do your eyebrows.

Step 4

For the eye makeup, apply a yellow shadow to the center of the eye lids, apply an orange shadow around it (in a semi circle shape) then apply a purple eye shadow around the orange one. Define your crease by adding black eye shadow to your crease….just a lil’ bit tho’..then blend!!!blend!!blend!!!

**dust off any fallout**

Step 5

Line your eyes with liquid or gel liner and your water line with kajal or a kohl pencil and apply your lashes (not compulsory)* don’t forget your mascara!!!

Step 6

Apply Blush

Step 7

Apply a nude lipstick that’s very natural because loud colours like red might make you look like ‘MOTHER GAGU’!!!lmaooo!!


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