Crackle/Shatter Nail Polish

There are so many nail trends like stiletto nails, manicures with racing Stripes, chartreuse Nail Polish, ombré Manicures

I’m so in love with the nail crackle/shatter nail polish….I heard it’s been around for a while so i guess it’s making a comeback


The science behind it

Regular nail polish dries very slowly and in a smooth even way, but with Crackle nail polish, it’s the opposite.

A special solvent is added (ethanol alcohol), it allows this crackle nail polish to dry unevenly and quickly…(you should be fast when applying)  by adding this alcohol to the formula they’ve created an imperfect film that shrinks as it dries, resulting in the cracks that show the base coat

I could swear the chemist doing mixing the nail polish ingredients made a mistake.looool….but hey!!! there’s no mistake in fashion!!!hehe!!

How to nail it!!

Apply your base coat…use a contrasting colour so as to make your nail crackle more noticeable….

do I smell an opportunity to colour block??!!!yayyyy!!!!!

**make sure the base coat is completely dry

Apply your nail crackle….it’s at this point I say LESS IS MORE because the thinner the crackle polish you apply the more cracks you get(this I like coz it saves me money…looool #ijebutinz)

Wait  for 30 seconds before applying a clear top coat(transparent nail polish) because it dries matte and it could look flaky..the top coat prevents the nail polish form chipping and it adds shine.

@pumpsberry  tried it too 😀

Celebs cracking it up

To get it in Nigeria

Diva house of accessories-Palms



                             I SPEAK!!!!

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