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How to Pick the Brightest Diamond of All

How to Pick the Brightest Diamond of All

Have you started looking around for an engagement ring only to be left scratching your head in confusion? Looking for a simple explanation of settings, and their terms, such as prong, pave, and halo, could have you breaking out in a cold sweat. But don’t despair, we know just how scary the world of jewellery can be. That’s why we have put together this guide to finding an engagement ring with the ultimate sparkle.

In fact, where you are looking for an engagement ring, or it is your first time buying a diamond, or you just want to pick a gift for the love of your life, this guide will help you when you’re looking at a wide collection of mesmerising diamond engagement rings in Brisbane.

  • A Quick Word of Advice

It is essential that you remember that you shouldn’t raise the diamond setting too high above the finger. This will increase the likelihood of it snagging, and your ring getting damaged.

  • Now, On to the Sparkle

So, exactly which diamond shape sparkles the best? We’ve drawn up a list of the estimated refractive qualities of the most popular shapes, compared to the round brilliant, which is considered the industry standard. It’s interesting to note that the round brilliant cut even refracts all the light that it captures. The formula for the ideal cut of a round brilliant is a reflection of as much as 92 percent of the light entering the diamond.

The refractive qualities are:

Round brilliant cut – 100%

Marquise cut – 90%

Oval cut – 90%

Pear cut – 90%

Heart cut – 80%

Princess cut – 70%

Triangle cut – 70%

Cushion cut – 60%

Emerald cut – 60%

Original Asscher cut – 60%

Radiant cut – 60%

Baguette cut – 45%

  • Which One Should You Choose?

If you want to choose an engagement ring with the most sparkle, the best choice is a round brilliant cut diamond that is set in a prong setting. Choose the highest cut quality and clarity that you can possibly afford. The prong setting will lift the diamond away from the ring’s metal band, allowing the most light to enter the stone from just about every angle. Higher clarity means that nothing on the surface of the diamond or inside it will interfere with the light refraction. A high cut quality refers to the fact that jeweller will have crafted the diamond to specific proportions to maximise the sparkle.

  • What Is Round Brilliant Isn’t for You?

If you, or your beloved, don’t fancy a round brilliant cut, you may be looking for something with sparkle and individuality. Overall, round brilliants make up about 75% of diamonds on the market today, so they are the least unique or individualistic of all the cuts. Make use of the above guide and inspect different diamonds to determine which cuts will give you the sparkle you really want.

It’s important to note that while it is easy to find a broad range of diamonds to inspect in stores, you should consider the fact that the more upscale stores design their indoor lighting to maximise sparkle. Diamonds should ideally be tested in a range of everyday lighting situations, such as bare incandescent, fluorescents, and outdoors to really show off their true sparkle ability.


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