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Photo Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding More Fun and Memorable

Photo Ideas to Make Your Beach Wedding More Fun and Memorable

So, you’ve chosen a beach setting for your special day (great choice by the way) and you want to discover ways to make it more memorable. The great thing is that you really have a lot to work with on the beach. Creating the right theme and photographs go hand in hand and can be done with some pre-planning and inspiration.


If you haven’t settled for the usual wedding at your local church then it goes to say you don’t want to settle for the usual photos too. If you are having a wedding on one of the stunning beaches of Brisbane then you are in luck as Studio4Photography is one of the top professional Brisbane wedding photographers.


So the beach is waiting for you and here are some great ideas to make the most of your gorgeous environment:


  • Lines drawn in the sand: This can be a great idea and plays with the popular practice of drawing names or love messages in the sand whilst on holiday. To create a special memory, you can also go one step further and have them printed on cards for guests.


  • A photo in-front of the sunset: This is just so romantic and can be the perfect finish to your ceremony and start to the party! By capturing a smooch or loving gaze whilst holding each other’s hands against a sunset backdrop with the sun peeking through the gap is creative and romantic.


  • Walking into the distance: This can be anywhere and you can really play with your settings for this. It could be walking towards the sea with your backs to the camera and your faces slightly turned. Creating that happily ever after moment is easily done with a photo such as this.


  • Splash around! If you are brave enough (and if the bride has a change of clothes more importantly) why not jump right into the crystal clear waters. These make for some fun and quirky wedding photos that you can laugh about years down the line.


  • Lanterns backdrop: No doubt the thought of having all your guests light lanterns as they gloat across the starlit sky has crossed your mind. If you are going for it, see it as a great photo opportunity. The sky lit up as the guests blur into the background and the photographer captures you as a couple – perfect! Now, isn’t that a unique setting for such a big event?


  • Light effects: This can be simple but look very effective if done right. It’s just a light painting where the effects of lighting are played with to bring your photo to life. Creating a fresh way to look at a classic shot can be a great way to liven up your photo album.


  • Feet walking in the sand: Footsteps (heading towards the future you as a couple) are a lovely motif for the sand and be another creative angle for your wedding photo shoots.


Now you have seen some of the dazzling things you can do to liven up your wedding photos, feel free to experiment and watch your photos come to life!

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