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Why It’s Important To Pick The Right Wedding Venue

Why It’s Important To Pick The Right Wedding Venue

Getting married is a wonderful once in a lifetime event. That is why choosing the wedding venue is something that could make or break your big day. We have compiled a checklist to help you choose your ideal venue.

Six Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue


  1. Find out if services are included.

There can be a wide range of hidden costs waiting to eat into your wedding budget if some services are not included in hire of the venue. These include:

  • Cutlery and crockery
  • The basic setup of chairs and tables
  • Catering

Make sure you know what is included when you hire a venue before you decide on whether or not it is the one for you.

  1. Does your dream venue have both a reception area and chapel?

Picking a venue with both a reception area and a chapel can make for a lot less driving, stressing, and organisation. Guests also prefer to stay in one location instead of having to drive to the reception area after the ceremony.

  1. Does your desired venue have accommodation?

This is a big deal that can factor into the success of your wedding. There’s nothing worse than friends and family leaving your special day early or not being able to enjoy a couple glasses of champagne with you because they have to drive off to somewhere else to spend the night.

Having onsite accommodation means you and your guests can party all night long knowing you only have to take a couple of steps to your rooms. What’s more, having a honeymoon suite on site makes for a romantic night before you have to go home. Spectacular wedding venues in Melbourne, such as the Brighton Savoy, offer all the bells and whistles for a wonderful wedding.

  1. Will there be entertainment for your guests?

Getting the perfect photos during your photoshoot requires some time and patience. You’re not going to enjoy your special time as newlyweds if you have to rush back to your guests, worried that they get bored.

The venue you choose should provide ample entertainment for all age groups while you are having your photoshoot. Look out for decks with relaxing views where guests can unwind, a children’s area, and entertainment like dart boards or pool tables.

While you are investigating venues, be sure to take a walk around and check out the scenery to make sure there are great shots for your photos.

  1. Look for a special something

Be sure to find out if the venue offers anything particularly special, like a game drive for your photoshoot or a wedding on water. Adding something unique to your big day will personalise it and make it that much more memorable.

  1. It should be love at first sight… or it’s time to leave

The venue you choose should speak to you from the instant you arrive. You should feel comfortable, happy, and welcomed feeling with both the staff and the setting. You don’t have to settle for second best.

Your wedding venue is a big factor in the success of your wedding. Take your time to find the perfect spot.


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