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Making A Choice On Gold Wedding Rings

Making A Choice On Gold Wedding Rings

A lot of people do not put as much thought, and consideration into their wedding rings as they do to other aspects of getting married, including the engagement ring. There is an excellent article online which will help you to choose the type of metal for your wedding bands. If you are looking for a more traditional wedding ring, then you may wish to choose gold, rather than modern metals such as titanium or platinum. If you are looking to go for gold rings, then you still have choices to make as to which type of gold you will buy!

Yellow Gold

Although alternative metals are becoming increasingly popular for many couples wedding rings, yellow gold is still a choice that many people opt for when choosing their wedding rings. It is common to usually get either 14k or 18k gold in the rings, as anything purer than that will be too soft and will get damaged quickly. If you go into a jewellery store, you will most likely see that traditional yellow gold will make up a significant proportion of their stock, showing that it is still the first choice for many couples planning on getting married. However, there are other options available, and they also have good reasons why you should consider one of them for your wedding bands.

Rose Gold

The hardest wearing option that you have available to you when looking for gold wedding rings is Rose Gold. There has been an increase in the popularity of using rose gold for wedding rings and the rich and warm hue given off by the gold, is made from creating an alloy with copper. The alloy is strong and durable and does not scratch as easily as other metals, meaning it is easier to keep in excellent condition, so it continues to look stunning. It is also popular to get two different shades of rose gold and intertwine these into a ring creating one of two colours and is similar to that of a traditional Russian wedding ring.

White Gold

White gold is made by adding other metals to pure yellow gold such as nickel or zinc to create an alloy, and these metals give the alloy its shiny white colour. You will usually find that the white gold will also be plated with rhodium which creates a hard wearing reflective surface and gives the white gold its look and colour. Beautiful white gold wedding rings are a popular choice as the alloy is much stronger than yellow gold which means that it will remain in better condition through everyday wear and tear. White gold is not the strongest option you have available though, and if you wanted you can get some even stronger and choose white gold for your wedding rings!

If you are looking at buying your wedding rings soon, take a look at all of the options that are available to you and choose the perfect wedding rings for both you and your partner.

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