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An Outfit You’d Wear Non Stop

An Outfit You’d Wear Non Stop

Despite the abundance of fashion trends, which are easy to follow, there is no guarantee that you’ll look chic as a sense of style cannot be bought. The reason why some people become iconic is that they know how to put the whole look together.

So, even if you wear the same outfit non-stop, you can make it look stunning and appropriate for any occasion. Here are some tips how to make the outfit look great and outfit ideas for your inspiration.

How To Make The Outfit You Wear Non Stop Look Stunning

The casual fashion, which is suitable for everyday life, is one of the most challenging concepts to master. Here are some tips how to make the casual outfit look interesting and alluring.

  • Statement Accessories Make The Outfit Bold

The accessories may transform any look into a festive and stylish one. A fashionable bracelet, a fancy watch, a belt, earrings, a scarf with an intricate pattern or the scarf of a solid color add flair to the outfit. But avoid putting shiny jewelry on the clothes with vivid patterns as it will look tacky and never choose accessories that jingle. They are cheesy and distracting.

  • Mix Bold Colors And Neutral Shades

If you choose bold shades, then try to stick to the golden mean because if your outfit is overload with bright colors, it becomes too eye-catching, which is not always good. Neutrals are fine for the everyday usage, but if you add a pop of color, the outfit will look much more interesting. For instance, wear a black blazer and a pink skirt, or choose black ankle boots, blue pants, a white tee and a colorful cardigan. On top of that, colored tights or a shiny little bag add an instant refresh.

Combine them with jeans of a gray color, or a navy blue skirt or a nude dress and the whole ensemble will look stunning.

  • Mix Up Textures & Patterns

If your goal is to create a sassy outfit, then think out of the box and combine opposite prints. This technique requires many skills as there is a danger to end up looking tasteless. There are combinations, which work well, so try one of them and when you feel confident enough, try out new combinations. For instance, mix florals with stripes (two major trends), the animal print with lace, denim with Aztec patterns.

Besides, one texture may look different in different colors. So, go for denim-on-denim and leather-on-leather looks. Just mix lighter shades with darker ones and accessorize to taste.

  • Go For Layers

Layers always make the outfit more sophisticated and they are also functional. You can add a cardigan to the look and feel comfortable in the chilly weather, or wear a tee under a slip dress to get protection from the wind and the sun. Besides, you may wear two tops with different necklines, a tank top beneath the blouse, or a vest with a dress. Also, invest in a patterned short jacket, a wrap or a cardigan because if you wear one of the items over a dress, it will transform the look completely.

Outfit Ideas

Your casual attire should be comfy, stylish and it should have a great combinability. The outfit you can wear should incorporate the most important items. To define these things, minimize your wardrobe. Minimalism is about focusing on what matters most, while ridding the rest.

So, we’ve rounded up the best outfits you can wear non-stop. Check them out.

  • Jeans With A Cardigan

A casual outfit, which may be also worn to the party, should be in the women’s wardrobe. Go for super trendy ripped jeans and a white cotton blouse. This combination is fresh and appealing. Besides, you may throw a gray wool or cashmere cardigan over the blouse and complement the look with beige shoes, a beige bag, and brown sunglasses.

  • A Slimming Coral Dress

If you like feminine looks, a midi dress is your must-have, which you can wear non-stop. A statement color of the dress, which flatters your complexion, may become the core of your look. Complement the outfit with a large bag and sandals of the matching color. Besides, don’t forget to emphasize your advantages. Thus, highlight your waistline with a belt.

  • High Heels & A Hat

High Heels & A Hat

A high-quality hat tops off any look and makes the outfit more sophisticated. Be daring, creative, play with colors and textures if you want to make your casual outfit offbeat. For instance, navy ankle-length pants with high heels, a white blouse, tucked in the pants, a navy blue cardigan and a black hat may make up a polished look.

  • A Casual And Festive Outfit

Casual And Festive Outfit

If your life is full of exciting events and you need a universal outfit, appropriate for any occasion, consider this option. The fusion of casual and official styles are on the rise today, and the combination of a white tee with the inscription and a milky jacket looks nice. And pants and shoes of a contrasting black color make the look chic and stylish.

  • All Black Look And White Sneakers

All Black Look And White Sneakers

This look illustrates how you can rock the basics! Classic colors can also look voguish and attractive. Opt a black tight-fitting dress and a leather jacket. Then, create white accents in the form of white sneakers and a white bag. This is the outfit, which you can wear non-stop in the fall.

  • A Trendy Look

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A sporty style is a go-to variant each time you should feel comfortable, yet fancy. Take a new look at the combination of a denim jacket and Vans shoes. For this, wear sneakers, loose-fitting navy blue pants, a white tee, an oversized denim jacket and tie a blue neckerchief around your neck. This accessory will add a playfulness to the outfit. And for a holistic look, add a large bag and sunglasses.

  • A Denim Dress

Some women think that wearing same clothes may be boring, but if you add statement accessories and shoes, then the outfit will play with new colors. A pale blue color of the dress interacts well with a bag of a deep brown shade and mustard-colored sneakers. The overall look is feminine and chic.

  • A Perfect Fall Look

If you wear something different each season, it is always exciting. Fall is not about feeling sad and nostalgic, it is about shining brightly! Combine basics with offbeat details. Wear black ankle boots, boyfriend jeans, a brown turtleneck and make a checkered coat a zest of your look.

  • A Cute Crop Top Outfit

Cute outfits with crop tops are admired by many women. This summer attire looks carefree, sexy, and it can be worn non-stop on hot days! Denim shorts and a white crop top will emphasize your waistline and will look great on a tanned body.

  • A Feminine Outfit

This is an example how to look sexy without exposing too much body. A pullover and shorts are things that you can wear non-stop. The pullover of a warm brown color and white shorts create a feminine ensemble. And white flats elongate the legs.

Hence, get inspired by these ideas and make up the women’s wardrobe, full of basic and offbeat items, which you’ll wear non-stop.


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