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Animus Vici – Fashion For a Cause

Animus Vici – Fashion For a Cause

Animus Vici is a premium clothing and accessories brand with a primary mission to end childhood cancer and it is doing this by donating 50 percent of their sales profit to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee.

The hospital is known for carrying out extension cancer research and treating children with cancer for free. Their funding comes mostly from donations which are not regular. The average monthly costs for a cancer patient is about $712 and for a year that will be $8,544. The hospital costs $2.4 million to run per day. It is non-profit, tax-exempt and set up in 1962 to focus on catastrophic diseases that affect children.

Animus Vici was set up to ensure steady revenue to the hospital by donating 50 percent of their turnover from sales and profits. The company is run by postgraduates with Connor Jude as the CEO.

The name ‘Animus Vici’ (pronounced as Ann-uh-mus Vee-chee) is a Latin word for Soul Wins. The idea behind it is that cancer only affects the body and not the soul. Their logo has the A in Animus shaped like an owl which is Lakota-Sioux and the owl is in Lakota-Sioux culture means wisdom.

Animus Vici is known to release a new collection of designs every season either in the fall and spring of each year. They also put a tag on their T-shirts to indicate which season the products are for like “summer only.” Each season the company introduces new lineups but occasionally retro picks are brought back.

Every product from them can be found in many sizes for various body fittings. They also have premium quality clothing and accessories that can be bought below what other brands are selling with unique product designs from minimalist to artistic designs. The company can also refund you for any product that comes in bad shape or bad printing.


The Inspiration behind the Idea

In an interview with the CEO, Connor Jude by Pro Media Mag, he revealed what inspired him to start this business to make the world a better place. He attended an Independent TED Talk where a man spoke about how he lost his daughter to cancer and how not much progress has been in research for over 30 years. He was shocked to hear that children were being lost to cancer and he decided to start selling T-shirts to raise money for St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

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After a personal research, he found out that St. Jude’s Hospital was doing more work in cancer research and treatment. According to him, customers buying these T-shirts not only pays for cancer treatment but for research which will help in making the future safe and equally raising awareness for childhood cancer.

You can shop for their products on They can also be reached on Twitter @animusvici, on Instagram @animusvicibusiness, and On Pinterest Animus Vici. For any issues, enquiry you can email them

They have also released their latest fall collection and can be found on Remember you are shopping to help that child with cancer.

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