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My New Denim Jacket

My New Denim Jacket

Hey luvies!! so I asked my friend Ifeayin Nwune  to hook me up with a denim jacket from his line M0da Giovani…im sooo happy he came through for me!! 😀

I love the has some hard-rock,punk steez going on(which is so me!) and it saves me the hassle of putting studs on it my self and hurting my preddie little fingers..loool


Back  (My favourite part!! TOO DOPE!!)

I cut off the sleeves myself tho’..i prefer it being a denim vest..the heat in this Lagos can be mahd atymz!

I’m still going to add more stuff to it later on and I’m definitely going to order another jacket but with gold studs this time 🙂

Have a  fantaboulos  day 

Sayedero Enytan


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