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Side Shave with design X Ombred Hair

Side Shave with design X Ombred Hair

So I know I told you guys i was gonna do a tuorial on my ombred hair but i cant seem to find the pics on the camera..ill try my best tho’

….so on Friday I was in the mood if doing something different and my side shave had started growing again so I decided to get a design on my was scary coz if the guy had messed up ehn!! ill just end up looking like an ifa priest..lool

I love the ombre hair trend!! I wish I could die braids 🙁

And I love my haircut too!!I t came out good 😀

See how it goes from black to blonde…noizzee!! 😀

I had my hair cut at Dsaloon downtown by Fisayo (08083763825)

248 A Muri Okunola Street
Off Ajose Adeogun Street
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria

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