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How to make your own lipstick palette

How to make your own lipstick palette

*Using my igbale to sweep cobwebs*I’ve been away for sooooo long..I’m sorry 🙁 laptop crashed :'( ..ill make it up,I promise!!I’m gonna be using the crappy system in my office (gosh its slower that pentium 4!!) and the pics are raw….the Photoshop is on my system 🙁 so please bear with me till my lappy “resurrects “..loool!

So I want to show you how to make your own lip pallete.It saves a lot space im my makeup kit and bag and its a great way o create your own colours of lipstick!!

You need: The lipstick you want to use, an empty small tin, a candle stick,lighter and the pallet you want to can use a pill box if you don’t have this

Im using an old lipstick palette I found stole from my mom’s room 😀

Put the lipstick in the tin (I used the cover of an empty Vaseline) 

Put the tin over the lighted candle ..this was the hard part,it kept burning me … I should have used a spoon!!

The liquid lipstick

Pour it into the palette/pillbox

I did this for the red lipstick and I the red and orange for the last ‘box’ very own colour..lool

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