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Mindfulness Fashion – What You Can And Can Not Do In A Yoga Class

Mindfulness Fashion – What You Can And Can Not Do In A Yoga Class

Yoga is an excellent sport for both your body and your mind. Moreover, the good part is that when you want to do yoga you do not have to always go to the specialized classes or the gym, but you can stay in your living room and put your favorite asanas into practice. After learning from your instructor, please make a selection of your favorite posts and turn them into a daily ritual.

Instead of stressing unnecessarily about what happens to a yoga class, consider the tips below and enjoy the experience.

It’s OK to:

  • Wear light clothes. Because yoga teaches you, first of all, to feel comfortable, it is important to wear bright clothes that do not get tangled in any way when you perform the asanas. Check here for appropriate attire.
  • Breathe noisily. In yoga coordination of breathing with movements is essential. Moreover, as a beginner, it’s important to focus on this. So if hearing your breath helps you, then do it without thinking that you are bothering those around you.
  • Keep your eyes closed. Movements will become more massive, but if your eyes keep you focused, stay that way. In the end, you do not have to keep an eye on the instructor and try to imitate the posts, but instead listen to him and beneficially apply the advice.
  • Fall. It’s really not a shame not to keep up from the beginning. Perfection comes in time and without small failures, you will not evolve. So be patient and the results will come.

It’s not okay to:

  • Force the movements. Yoga is different from other sports in terms of effort. You do not have to force your limits if you feel bad. The goal is to get a good state and listen to your body, not to push it.
  • Eat before class. Please do not do it less than two hours before the yoga class, because the stomach will be full and the body will find it harder to relax. To know more, read this.
  • Talk to your classmates. Once the class started, the most important person in the room is you. You have to focus on what you feel, how you move, how you breathe and what your thoughts are, so any interaction with the others is useless or even disturbing you.
  • Check your phone. Yoga is perfect for routine forgetting stress, deadlines. Leave your phone in the locker room. It’s not time to check your notifications when you try a new asana. You have enough time after.                                

You will feel all your muscles burning, and at that moment when you think you can not, you realize that the sequence is not over and that you have to find resources to resist. If you’ve succeeded, that’s the moment you’ve made progress. Congratulations! Do not forget that in yoga there is no posture (asana) that does not require the whole body, which makes such a class even more effective for your muscles.

Include at least one hour of yoga in your weekly workout, one day after a strength class such as body pump or grip strength. In at most two weeks, you will feel the difference, both at the muscular and mental levels.

The accessories you need when you get yoga

With minimal investment, you can create your own yoga studio at home or even in the park. Moreover, so that everything goes perfect, we recommend some useful accessories.

1. Mat

Because yoga requires precise control of your body and your movements, you have to make sure that your hands and feet will not slip off the floor. Use a thin, but high-adhesion mattress made of natural rubber or recycled (if you’re eco-friendly).

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2. Cubes (bricks)

The yoga cubes, which are the size of some blocks, are designed to help you maintain a correct posture during your asanas. Use them in Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose), for example, when you have to touch the floor with one hand and you can not lower it too low.

3. Music

We know it’s not an accessory, but it’s an element that will help you get into the right condition.

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