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Relaxed Yet Fashionable

Relaxed Yet Fashionable

There is always that elation we feel when our feet are not constrained by shoes, heels or boots, when you can just patter in your house barefoot or wearing slippers. It takes you to that memory of when you were young, and life was simple and you did not have any worries or concerns other than what to play and what to eat. It feels like finally you can wind down and relax, and do your chores unhurried. For most people, wearing shoes is more influenced by function and form rather than by comfort. Thus, when most people think about fashion, they never think about comfort, like one cannot have both. Different shoes exist for different activities, running shoes for the gym, pumps and leather shoes for office work, sandals for less formal events, and more styles that we could choose from. Aside from other accessories, shoes are the most sought after other than clothes, and as fashion styles change over the seasons, so does shoes. Thus, the market for shoes are always up, it is like a necessity for most. Although, admittedly there are also quite a number of shoe addicts or those who have an obsession to shoes and sometimes buy more than they could possibly wear.

There are also a number of rules that govern the wearing of shoes, the more traditional ones would never pair rubber shoes with a pinstriped suits for men, while women can actually get away with most pairings, such as heels with shorts for a current look, or overalls with ballet shoes. However, you can never go to the prom and wear sneakers with your dress. There is not even any written material on this, it is just shared by everyone. When we wear something that does not conform to the prescribed form like going to work wearing your bedroom slippers would be deemed inappropriate and a fashion error that most people try to avoid. However, one has to admit that not having to wear shoes all the time is refreshing.

When we go to the beach, wearing flipflops is a must. Filpflops is a modern take on the old rubber slippers that we usually wear on the beach as playing or walking on the sand or getting into the water would destroy a perfectly good pair of shoes or sandals. Flipflops are functional and cheap, we usually buy one when we go on vacation and then forget about it at the end of the trip. However, as more people are realizing that flipflops are a great alternative to constricting footwear. It is easy to slip on and off, there are no shoelaces, it is flat and your toes can actually move and it is easy to clean and lasts a long time and it does not even need special handling and storage. Moreover, plain and boring flipflops are a thing of the past. Custom flipflops offer the customer a new way of looking and wearing of flipflops.

Custom flipflops come in a variety of style and design and color. Some even have straps and heels if one wants to be a bit more fashionable in wearing flipflops. Basically, custom flipflops are flipflops taken in another level, there are so many designs to choose from that would appeal to your sense of style, and there are also different styles for women, men, kids and even babies! Such that with the right style and design, flipflops can now be worn anywhere,  except of course on formal events or in offices or companies that have strict safety rules which do not allow open toed sandals. But for the most part, custom flipflops can be worn when going to the mall, to the park, strolling in town, at home, at a backyard party and doing your errands around town.

Custom flipflops are relaxing to wear, and the best part is that it can be fun, sweet, pretty, sophisticated, edgy, funky and a lot more that would suit your fashion sense. When you wear a flipflop, you will immediately feel and portray that cool and relaxed vibe, none of the hurried and tense you, it is as if just putting it on will change the energy that you present to the world. No wonder, most people in other parts of the world make flipflops or to them rubber slippers as their choice of footwear, and a staple for most. It is akin to being barefoot, yet offers the right amount of protection and safety, and hold that can actually get you through the day. Although, it would not be proper to go running wearing flipflops, or driving. It is also can be hazardous when carrying heavy materials or working with sharp equipment.

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If we consider form and function, then definitely flipflops are up there, since it offers the most comfortable fit, and yet can be used in many events and with different outfits. However, its appropriateness is a question that can be answered by the conviction of the wearer. Most fashion rules would not look kindly to the wearing of flipflops, but then those who would choose flipflops are already rebels or really do not care about fashion rules. There is that modern take on fashion that espouses comfort over style, and custom flipflops merges both worlds, relaxed yet fashionable.

Fashion should not be painful, it should not sacrifice comfort and it should be both a pleasure to wear and boost your positive energy. No matter how fashion forward or pretty the shoes may be, if it is painful to wear it is not something that you would be happy wearing, it would be a burden and will probably be worn once. Footwear should make us feel happy and beautiful, and custom flipflops really provide this. Just imagine slipping into a flipflop that has the right amount of thickness and softness to cushion your heels, that allows your toes to wriggle and move, and soft straps to allow that comfortable hold. So, reserve the shoes and boots for those non-negotiable events, and wear flipflops wherever you can.   

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