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Bryona Ashly, bringing PinUp and Burlesque into the modern day.

Bryona Ashly, bringing PinUp and Burlesque into the modern day.

Bryona Ashly, is a burlesque and pinup model on the rise to the top. She is part of the movement of burlesque performers who are showing the art to the world, rather than keeping it behind velvet curtains.

A word of advice for any pin-up hopefuls from Bryona. “I think the essentials for a pinup girl to have is red lipstick, classic black stockings and good pair of black heels”.
When she was a kid, Bryona saw a painting of Bettie Page and was completely mesmerized. She began attending car shows so she could watch and learn from the pin-up models.

From the age of 10, Bryona knew she was destined to become Los Angeles’ most successful pin-up model and performer.

At 19, Bryona knew she needed to take her career into her own hands. She began developing a portfolio of beautiful, vintage-inspired images, and she began creating a buzz of excitement around her name. Over the years, she has worked for calendars and magazines, vintage reproduction clothing brands, lingerie and accessory lines. She has been particularly successful in Tokyo.

Currently, she is working on the launch of a vintage-inspired clothing brand. Bryona aims to inspire young girls into becoming pin-up models just like her.

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Bryona explained that aspiring pin-up professionals should make sure to be driven and stay focused on their goals and let absolutely nothing get in the way of their dreams.

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