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Getting Ready for Spring Weddings and Parties

Getting Ready for Spring Weddings and Parties

Now is a great time to think about spring weddings and parties and start to get yourself ready for these events. Both types of occasions require a special outfit. The sooner you start your research the easier it will be for you to find the perfect dress for you, when you actually need to.

Looking at sites like is the perfect way to see what is available and start narrowing down your options. Once you have done that, you can go out and try on a few different cuts. This is the best way to work out which SS19 looks are going to look good on you.

When, a few weeks, before the wedding or special party you actually go shopping for your dress you will not waste hours trying on clothes that do not suit you. For special occasions, research and preparation are key. The more you can get done in advance the better. It really takes the pressure off and helps to ensure that you actually do look your absolute best. Here are some of the latest fashion trends that would work particularly well for a spring wedding or party.

High sheen fabrics

Traditionally, luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet have been mostly worn for special occasions like weddings. They look wonderful and are heavy enough to hang well. But, there is a problem, garments made from these fabrics tend to be a bit on the expensive side and they are not that easy to find in mainstream shops.

Fortunately, this year, quite a few designers have tapped into other fabrics that have a nice sheen to them. Satin is particularly popular. It looks wonderful in this year’s neutral tones. For a wedding, you cannot beat champagne as a color choice. It looks fantastic in satin.

The wisdom of choosing a three-piece outfit

Look out for skirts in particular. You just need to pair it with a nice top and buy a blazer style jacket to wear just in case it is a little cold on the day. The added advantage of taking this approach is that after the wedding or party you will be able to break your outfit down and create several fresh looks for yourself.

Check out asymmetrical necklines

This year’s, asymmetrical necklines are perfect for a special occasion. They are different enough to add a little extra interest to your outfit. But, be sure to try your entire outfit on when you get it home. Sometimes dresses and tops with asymmetrical necklines that look fantastic when worn on their own do not work when you try to wear a jacket or pashmina with them.

Choosing the right footwear

For a spring event, you should always choose closed in footwear. You can never be sure how cold or wet it will be, so sandals are rarely a good choice. It is also wise to avoid shoes that are made from suede or satin because they stain so easily in damp conditions.

A little extra shopping advice for the wedding party

If you are a bride, groom or mother of the bride you should find this article that I wrote fairly recently to be useful. It contains advice to help members of the wedding party to buy what they need for this very special day.

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