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How Much Time Exercising a Day Will Help You Lose Weight?

How Much Time Exercising a Day Will Help You Lose Weight?

Today we know that exercise alone won’t make you lose weight. However, about three intense workouts a week can help reshape your body. The trick to achieving good results with your fitness routine is to integrate it into a well-balanced weight loss program.

How Long Does Exercise for Weight Loss Take in a Day?

The best kind of weight loss workout is a high-intensity interval training that lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Beginners shouldn’t push themselves beyond the 30-minute mark as overexerting yourself can lead to injury. The extreme soreness you will feel if overdoing it will also be a great put off. This means it will be harder to keep up your motivation to continue training. Naturally, you should start with moderate or even light at home workouts if your current level of physical prep is zero.

To achieve the best results, you should have three sessions of such intense workouts a week. At least, this is what professional trainers seem to agree on as reported by Daily Mail. However, they do disagree on the length of the session. Some claim that you need three solid hours of weight loss exercises a week, while others believe three 18-minute workouts can be enough.

The conclusion you should make from these discrepancies, as well as over 60 studies that prove fitness’ lack of weight loss effect, is that the exact time of training doesn’t matter. In fact, you’ll get nearly the same results in shed pounds if you have a 30-minute brisk walk to your office instead of an interval workout.

Is Exercise for Weight Completely Inefficient?

If your one ultimate goal is weight loss, the efficiency of exercise really is minimal. However, it does matter for other things, in particular, in improving your health.

You see, going on a diet complemented with suitable weight loss pills for women achieves better results for reducing BMI (Body Mass Index). And you should always choose ones specifically designed for female anatomy as the majority of women’s excessive weight issues are connected to unique hormonal imbalances.

However, this doesn’t solve all the health problems caused by being overweight. Regular physical exercise, however, goes a long way in strengthening your body. It’s a proven fact that regular cardio workouts improve heart health significantly.

Other scientifically proven health benefits of regular exercise include help with prevention or management/treatment of:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis

The higher general wellness level you get from regular exercise also helps strengthen your immune system. Most importantly, it helps maintain a healthy and active level of metabolism. This contributes to boosting the efficiency of both your diet and weight loss pills, which usually add extra fuel to metabolism.

Exercise for Weight Loss: Conclusion

Despite the fact that sweating out for two hours a day in a gym is more harmful to your health than help to weight loss, exercise will assist in reducing your BMI. You simply need to understand that pushing yourself beyond your limits is unnecessary. What you need is to maintain a moderately active lifestyle with about three more intense cardio workouts a week. These can last anything between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on your level of fitness and overall health.

The results you will achieve through such exercise routine will be the maximum benefit for weight loss this activity offers. This won’t be much, though, as the main element of an effective weight management program is nutrition. Without changing your diet from empty calories, saturated fats, and hi-carb products to nutrition-dense low-fat foods, no amount of time spent in the gym will make a difference. An exercise is a complementary tool that can offer mild direct and indirect weight loss effect. But it’s not a game changer that will make you thin and slim.

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