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How I fell in love with Diffuser Bracelets

How I fell in love with Diffuser Bracelets

I have always been fanatic about using essential oils ever since I had my first spa experience back when I was in my 20’s. While I was being massaged and pampered in essential oils I was in a dreamy world where I hadn’t felt such relaxation in my entire life. I had just started work and was going through stress, pressure with so much of workload and the spa experience was the best gift I bought for myself from my first salary. The spa therapist advised me how to use different essential oils and when to use them based on my moods or energy level which was an added bonus for me. Ever since that, I have been starting my mornings with peppermint and basil blend oil and ending nights with lavender or chamomile essential oil. The only way I could use them was just rubbing them on my palms or using a roll on till I found the best solution for my worry of carrying essential oils with me. I came across the idea of lava beads and was spending time in my local shopping mall trying to look for diffuser bracelets from Australia. Since my local shopping experience was a failure I started researching online to find the solution to my need.

How about having a piece of jewellery which is classy and stylish which can also carry your essential oils with you? My inner goddess couldn’t dance enough when I first use my essential oil diffuser bracelet from an online store

Well, the collection of diffuser bracelets was just amazing and I wish I could have them all. The other great thing about this store was that it’s not an online company based in a country or city I have never heard of. It is an Australian company and my package arrived in less than a week since I ordered. Amazing isn’t it? So this is how these beautiful bracelets work. They are made of lava beads which can absorb the essential oil. Just add a few drops of your oil to those beads in your bracelet and let it dry up so you don’t get oil all over you or your clothes. Then simply wear the bracelet and with my experience so far, I have been able to wear the bracelet the whole day while it keeps diffusing and giving me positive vibes. They come in beautiful natural bead stones so you can match with the colour of your dress or mood so you can stay classy and diffuse those aromatic oils every single day.


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