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The Best Vitamins To Help You Look And Feel Good

The Best Vitamins To Help You Look And Feel Good

A majority of African women are making beauty a priority as most are spending between R100 and R500 on beauty products every month. As the cosmetics industry in the country continues to grow and is expected to become even bigger in the next few years, it’s expected that women will continue to buy cosmetics and personal care products as a form of self-care that can enable one to feel more confident. However, it’s also important to make health a priority, especially if you’re aiming to look and feel good from the inside out. Apart from eating a balanced diet and doing a regular exercise routine, making sure that you meet the recommended intake of vitamins is essential for your overall well-being. Moreover, the right vitamins can even help you to look your best as some can help to improve your skin and hair, boost metabolism, and even make you look younger. Here are the vitamins that you should take to help you look good and feel good.

For weight loss

Vitamins can certainly help to keep your organs functioning well, but did you know that some vitamins can boost your body’s ability to lose weight? Vitamin B12 promotes weight loss, give you increased energy, and improves metabolism. This vitamin can also keep the body’s blood and blood cells healthy and prevents anaemia, a condition which can make you look weak and tired. So apart from regular visits to the gym, you can get in shape by taking the recommended dose of B12 through shots, supplements, or increased consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy.

For young-looking skin

Worried about getting premature lines and wrinkles? Then apart from wearing sunscreen and an effective skincare routine, you need to take vitamin E for a healthy and young-looking skin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects against sun damage. Moreover, it keeps the skin conditioned and moisturized. Keeping the skin moisturized helps to keep it supple and prevent wrinkles over time. For young-looking skin, you can take a vitamin E capsule in the morning or eat foods rich in this vitamin such as avocados, almonds, or sweet potatoes.

For strong and healthy hair

Vitamin C not only shortens the life of a cold, but it can also help to give you strong and healthy hair. Just like vitamin E, vitamin C is also an antioxidant that can protect your body from free radical damage and cause your hair to become thin and brittle. You can get your recommended intake of vitamin C by consuming strawberries, citrus fruits, papaya, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, and bell peppers.

This year, upgrade your beauty routine by taking any or all of these vitamins to make you look good and feel good. You can also ask your doctor to recommend vitamins or supplements to treat any beauty or health concerns that you may have and live a healthier lifestyle in 2018.

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