Custom Facility Signs that You Need in your Workplace

Facilities like industrial places should have signs where people are guided on what to do and where to go. Some are instructional, and others convey various info about trash, recycling, restrooms, exits, and policies. Many have “No Smoking” signs put on multiple places, private areas where VIPs are only allowed, and more.

It would be best if you got these recognizable symbols everywhere because people need them as a guide. Others need the Notice as to an OSHA header to avoid walking on areas with falling debris. You may need custom facility signs that will fit your workplace and ensure that everyone is safe and informed. Some of these can be made from adhesive vinyl, aluminum, and PVC signboards suitable for your needs.

Different Signs that You Need

The American National Standards Institute and the Work Health and Safety require companies to keep their employees and clients safe all the time while they are in a facility. This is why the signs have various categories and purposes, and owners should display them everywhere. What you may need are the following:

1. Prohibition 

Shield, Ban, Stop, Containing, Warning, Note, Road Sign

These are what you can’t do, and you need to communicate to workers that they are prohibited from doing something. This is one of the recognizable marks where you have a red circle and a diagonal line encompassing everywhere. 

This can be info for “NO ENTRY,” “NO SMOKING,” “NO TRESPASSING,” and more. When people still enter an area where they are not allowed, this can be a sign that they may be breaking the law. You can know more about the importance of signage on this site here.

2. Mandatory

Mandatory signages are instructions that everyone should follow. You can recognize them through pictograms where a blue circle encompasses them. The background is usually white, and it tells everyone to wear protective equipment and gear in the area. As an example, in hospitals, you may see this “SAFETY FIRST,” where healthcare workers are required to follow the guidelines, wear gloves, wear face masks, wash hands, and equip eye protection.

In construction sites, they are in the form of “Foot Protection Must Be Worn In This Area” or “Hearing and “Eye Protection Must Be Worn In This Area.” In some cases, they don’t show any images, but only words and the background is usually white or black.

There are also type 2 signages that are classified as HAZARDS. This is where people should be extra careful because they could be hurt or even killed.

3. Danger 

When you see “DANGER” signals, this is an indication to run as far as possible or avoid the area altogether. You might get life-threatening conditions or even get killed if you are forced to go within the area, even if you were not a qualified staff.

People usually see a black triangle, and inside it is a red oval with the word danger in the capital and bold letters. This alerts everyone to the grave threat they face in the form of high voltage and other dangerous elements in the workplace. Read more about occupational safety hazards for dangerous areas in the workplace here:

4. Warning 

The warning signage is put in place because you could be hurt if you’re not going to be extra careful. They aren’t life-threatening per se, but the serious ones can land you in the hospital because of a broken hip when you slip.

They are fairly easy to spot from a distance, and they are identified with a black triangle with a yellow background. This is a hazard symbol that is recognizable in many malls, construction sites, and other establishments. The most common of them is the “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” and “DANGEROUS CHEMICALS.” 

Others are informative signs where your safety is the priority. Some examples are the following:

1. Emergency Information Sign

This is the safety first, where if something goes wrong, people can find help during emergencies. This is where the first aid equipment, exits, and more are located. You can also find safety equipment in info where they are incorporated in symbols, white writing, and green background. Emergency phones or automated external defibrillators are available.

2. Fire Signs

You need to be equipped during a fire. This is where it’s easy to spot, and they can be in the form of fire extinguishers, hoses, and blankets. The white images can stand against a red background, and it’s hard to miss them.

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