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5 Tips On How To Style Stackable Rings

5 Tips On How To Style Stackable Rings

I’ll be sharing with you five easy tips that can help elevate any outfit by using stackable rings. Stackable rings are a great way to add some dimension, pop and some glitter to any of your outfits but it can be surprisingly difficult to build the perfect ring stack.

Chose a Hero piece

 A hero piece is something that you want to highlight, want all of the attention on. I like to place my hero pieces on the middle finger, the longest finger because it has the most space  And then from there, you want to build around it, you can then add a  smaller band next to it. And then, on the other hand, I might put another piece that is a sister piece to my hero piece, but a little bit different for some interest.  

Leave some fingers bare

Piling on several rings on all your fingers can be a little bit too much -unless you’re going for the punk rock look. One way to avoid being excessive is to stick to stacking on only 2 to 3 fingers on each hand at a time. Leaving some fingers bare creates a more balanced and feminine look, instead of an overwhelming one.

Mix and Match Textures

To keep things interesting, mix and match smooth bands with textured options. A twisted, beaded or hammered gold stacking ring always looks stunning on either side of an eternity band. The easiest hack for this is to wear vintage rings and new rings together for the best visual appeal.

Leave some space

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Leaving gaps between rings instead of piling it above the other will create a simple organized look,besides a band of skin will give your ring stack the perfect contract.

Pay attention to your nails.

Stackable rings will definitely draw attention to your nails, so remember to keep them neat and polished. Chipped or dirty nails take away from the charm you’re trying to create.

Remember to have fun and get creative with the styling process. Stacking rings is all about self-expression so as you explore different ring stack looks, remember to have fun, and indulge your creative side. Explore new ring styles, try new ring combinations, and just enjoy the styling process.

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