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Victorian Ring Designs You May Wish To Consider

Victorian Ring Designs You May Wish To Consider

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There are many exquisite vintage and antique rings that you may consider buying for a new jewellery purchase or even an engagement or wedding ring. The Victorian jewellery makers made high-quality pieces, which is why there are so many beautiful examples still available today. If you love antique and vintage ring designs and considering purchasing one yourself, below are some ring designs that may appeal to you and be the perfect choice for you. 

The Romantic Era 

The jewellery that you find from the Victorian era can be split into three categories because Queen Victoria reigned for so long, and the first period is the Romantic era. There was a lot of symbology in this era’s designs, with birds, flowers, snakes, and hearts all prominent in the designs between 1837 and 1860. The engagement ring that Queen Victoria received from Prince Albert and wore had a serpent on it with emerald eyes, which were also her birthstone.

The Grand Period

After Prince Albert died in 1861, a new era was born, which would later be called the Grand Period and ran until 1879. It is a period that saw the inclusion of many different precious gemstones from around the world, with many elaborate and beautiful designs created. There are still many exquisite antique gold rings from this period available, and many reputable antique and vintage jewellery dealers will have a selection of rings from this period when you go shopping for one.

The Aesthetic Period

The Aesthetic period followed on from the Grand one and ran from 1880 until 1901 when the long-reigning Queen Victoria died at 82 years of age. The aesthetic period saw many diamonds being used in the jewellery with the discovery of these precious gemstones in South Africa and Brazil, although they were still rare and expensive. A lot of the Victorian diamond antique jewellery available today is from this era, and the quality of the craftsmanship far out surpasses the mass-produced jewellery of today.

Educate Yourself Before Going Shopping

If you are keen to go shopping for a Victorian-era ring, the first thing that you will need to do is give yourself an education on the different types of jewellery from this period. You will need to understand the difference between fine jewellery and costume jewellery, which will often have coloured glass rather than precious gemstones. There is a wealth of information that is freely available on the internet that you can use to educate yourself, and you can also speak to local dealers and ask them lots of questions.

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Finding The Perfect Jewellery

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When you are shopping for Victorian jewellery, you will need to find some reputable dealers once you have educated yourself on what to look for in this jewellery style. The Internet is an excellent tool to find reputable jewellers, and you can also look at their online reputation before making your purchase. Remember that you will want to ask lots of questions, including any provenance on an item that catches your eye. Shop around and patiently, and you can find the perfect Victorian jewellery for you that will look perfect when you wear it.

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