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Mistakes Some Women Make When It Comes To Wearing Bras

Mistakes Some Women Make When It Comes To Wearing Bras

The bra has undoubtedly come a long way. It has evolved from the days of lady spending hours wearing a corset to today the same undergarment being worn in seconds. Back then, you needed assistance to wear one, but now, it’s a one-person job. We never think much of it anyway. Unfortunately, even though we have been graced with the benefit of time-efficiency, some women still make a few mistakes when it comes to having, wearing, and taking care of bras. Below are some of them:

Wearing the wrong size bra

This is a big issue that we can classify as a fashion pandemic! Statistically speaking, a significant population of ladies wears the wrong fitting bra. But who is to blame? No one. However, the solution is to educate any lady to get the right fitting bra and not run for any bras on sale to avoid any issues that arise from wearing the wrong bra size. A quick indication it’s the wrong bra if it itches, pinches, or hangs!

Wearing the wrong bra for the wrong event

It’s preposterous seeing a woman at the gym wearing a strapless bra, but it’s not a new thing. It’s a mistake some women make thinking that the strapless bra would work as it should, but it ends up frustrating them the whole training session. So much so, it’s paramount wearing the right bra for the right occasion. For the gym, wear a sports bra, and for brunch, the strapless bra would do.

Wearing the wrong bra with the inappropriate clothing

This is yet another problem some women are guilty of. Here you find a woman wearing a t-shirt bra with a strapless dress or a sports bra with a top, and the straps are peeping at the neck. It is a pretty ugly scene and one that should be rectified. Find out which is best for what and match it up. It’s not hard; it just takes a bit of research.

Getting it wrong with the colors

This error of getting the tones wrong is also prevalent. For instance, you find a lady wearing a luminous pink bra with a sheer white top to work; in this case, her bra shows through the top, and it is not appropriate. She should instead go for a black bra to uphold her dignity at work. There is nothing wrong with having a luminous pink bra; you should just know when and where to wear it, and most importantly, with what!

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Not cleaning their black bras

Just because your black bra does not show dirt does not mean it doesn’t get dirty. It should be washed just as often as you wash all other colored bras. Many ladies are guilty of this and must change it right away. It is rather disgusting. Two wears are enough, past that it’s too much.

Take away

It is known that a mistake is a mistake only if it has been repeated in ignorance. And so, if you are guilty of any of the above, you are not in the wrong, simply fix it and get on the right track.

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