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Why VS2 Diamonds Are the Best Choice for Engagement Rings

Why VS2 Diamonds Are the Best Choice for Engagement Rings

Diamonds are, by nature, valuable, and they have a high price for many reasons. It takes millions of years for a single stone to form. The shine that nature gives to these gems is only the basis. But the purer the stone is in nature, the higher the price will be on the market.

Gemstones are formed deep underground, which means that many machines and people are needed for digging. Of all the excavated quantities, only a small percentage of diamonds are suitable for further processing. Rarity is one of the reasons for high prices. But these rates can vary too, depending on the weight, purity, degree of processing, and so on.

Precious stones that look flawless but have a much lower price than the real ones are most likely artificially finished. Buying a gem like this is not advised, as you will have trouble finding a buyer if you ever want to sell it. But if you’re buying a diamond because you want to have it or give it to a loved one, reading the VS2 diamond guide will help you make a smart purchase.


Golden Middle


You won’t find a buyer for a diamond of poor quality easily. But you might also have trouble finding someone to sell a stone of exceptional purity (provided that you bought them as an investment). Diamonds with extraordinary characteristics are rare, and that is why they are expensive. Such stones are most often bought as a collector’s item.

If you choose a diamond for a piece of jewelry or a gift, you can find a good offer if you get a little information before you search. By purchasing certified gems from reputable sellers, you have surely done a good thing. But you don’t have to spend that much money to find a great deal and the perfect stone for your engagement ring.

In that case, you don’t have to buy stones of top features. It is best to opt for gemstones VS1 or VS2 purity, which belongs to the ‘golden mean.’ These are acceptable for ‘ordinary’ buyers, i.e., those who don’t buy diamonds as an investment but for a piece of jewelry.

Keep Color in Mind


Besides cleanliness, color is also an essential factor when choosing a precious stone that will beautify your loved one’s hand. High purity stone will have no purpose if the gem is of poor color. The perfect diamond is marked with D, and is completely transparent, without any internal or external imperfections. But such pieces cost a fortune. Any color marked between F and I is perfectly acceptable for an engagement ring.

More on the color feature in this link:

Reasons to Buy VS2 Diamonds

In terms of price-quality ratio, VS2 purity is the best choice. This label means that stones have an excellent finish and perfect clarity to the naked eye. The reason for this mark to carry the degree of ‘2’ is the impurities seen under a magnifying glass. These flaws are internal (inclusions), but they are tiny.

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Many err in thinking that only diamonds labeled IF or VVS have a high degree of clarity. That is why they sometimes pay unrealistically high prices. VS1 and even VS2 precious stones may also have a high degree of purity. Because of these flaws (which are only visible after a tenfold magnification with a magnifying glass), they bear this mark.

Cut and Sparkle


Gemstones with VS2 mark are very shiny and attractive, and they will look amazing on an engagement ring. What you may need to pay attention to are some external, slightly larger scratches. They can affect the appearance of ‘blurring’ inside the gem, which can reduce its sparkle.

If shine is the most important thing for a diamond, pay special attention to the shape. Simple cuts, such as square, cushion, or princess, are most often chosen for rings. The well-done cut will reduce the visibility of flaws and emphasize the shine of this gem. On this page, you can find the explanation of the most common cuts.


There is no cheap diamond. You shouldn’t buy them at any price just because you’ve come across a seemingly good offer. These gems of exceptional beauty are a gift for a lifetime, and therefore should be of good quality.

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