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Black Friday Toy Deals: The Best Tech Gifts For Kids

Black Friday Toy Deals: The Best Tech Gifts For Kids


Holidays are here! So you make you gift hunt easier, we have listed a couple of affordable toys for the techy kids in your lives.

These gifts aren’t only fun, they have a lasting impact and will definitely help your younglings become more comfortable with the cutting-edge technology available to them. 

Who knows, you might just have the Elon Musk on your hands.

RC stunt car

Keep your kids entertained this holiday with this RC stunt car that can do flips, wheelies, and 360-degree spins. Massive rubber tires roll over big obstacles and down steps, but best of all, they won’t scratch your floors or mark your walls. Your battery investment is minimal: The remote takes 4.8V 700 mAh NI-MH battery that lasts longer than other standard batteries. This means you can have double the fun every time you play with the SGILE Racing Car.

RC Racing Car

Your kids would love this car!it is super fast (according to SGILE, its speed is about 18 km/h.) This is one of those toys you buy in pairs so they can have a friendly competition with friends when they come over.

This toy doesn’t just have a cute design it’s also very easy to use. Children will have no difficulty to use it even for the first time so its an excellent choice for beginners

What we also like most about this car are the rechargeable batteries. They provide a total power play of 50 mins.

RC Robot

Gone are the days when we would invest in stuffed animal toys. This is because now, with the help of artificial intelligence, you can buy an AI Robot – every tech kids dream!

This robot is outfitted with numerous pleasant highlights that will keep your kids occupied without a doubt. It can walk, slide, and even hit the dance floor with its own music, It communicates in its own mechanical language, or watch your home in its own watch mode. It is also furnished with a crash recognition sensor that empowers it to distinguish hindrances before it during patrol and it will move away toward another direction continuing the patrol. . Your kids can also record up to 50 moves that the robot can playback utilizing its moves record include. It is equipped with some English spoken statements.
It is a slick fun robot is definitely a great Christmas gift for your kids

RC Dinosaur

The SGILE Robot-style Dinosaur is another multi-functional touch-sensitive model. This prehistoric beast is for kids 3-years and older and one of the most entertaining in this list.

This is an all-singing-all-dancing robotic RC dinosaur. It has a touch-sensitive area that wakes the beast up. You know when it comes to life because the head shakes and the S-type tail starts to wag- so cool!

It can fight, roar & scream, blinking its eyes with its built-in LEDs and just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler-its dances as well!

Robot Dog

This robot dog is an amazingly intelligent and programmable gadget. When you touch its head, the dog barks, make cute moves as it interacts with you. It comes with a programming function so you can program the behaviours as you like. After that, you wish is its command.

This dog toy possesses 4 dance functions with music. So, your little ones can dance along with it. Be warned, this toy may force your little one beg for a real dog in the future!

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