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5 Best Tips on Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

5 Best Tips on Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring for your spouse as you prepare for the proposal can be crazy and exciting. But you have to choose a perfect ring that will excite your partner. A ring that won’t only make her happy. But will also create a lasting impression in the minds of your spouse whenever she looks at it.

 This can be challenging hence this article brings you tips to help you out in choosing the perfect ring from the variety on the market.

1. Decide on The Shape You Want

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be easy if you know the ring shape your other partner normally likes. Wondering why? Because it helps you to focus on only rings of that ideal shape. 

Remember there are many ring shapes on the market and every ring shape has a different price. Round cuts are more expensive than marquise and pear so decide on the shape you want that fits in your budget.

Moreover, before going to a jewelry shop for your engagement ring, it’s wise and time-saving to have your favorite shape in mind. You don’t waste a lot of time looking at categories in each particular shape as you only focus on those in your needed shape.

2. Select A Metal for The Band

Traditionally, most engagement rings are made from silver, white, and yellow gold or platinum. But today, rose gold has also emerged in a fresh and modern alternative.

Although platinum looks familiar to silver, platinum is more expensive with a greater density. And metals for the band are good because they are cheaper and scratch easier than other materials.

3. Get the Right Measurements

Get your fingers rightly measured because you wouldn’t want to get a ring that cuts off your circulation or one that risks falling off your finger. Imagine taking an engagement ring for your partner and it just slides off her finger.

 It’s ashaming because you didn’t take time and effort to know her finger size. An ideal ring from SH jewellery should be snug on your spouse’s finger but comfortable. And if you aren’t shopping for the engagement rings together, you can get sized at a nearby jewelry store and have it recorded to be used once needed.

4. Buy from Certified Traders

Take your time and shop smartly and when you find your dream ring, ensure that you are buying from licensed and certified traders. Wondering why? These assure you of great quality rings and save you from being duped like being given fake jewelry from untrustworthy dealers.

5. Negotiate with the dealers

An ideal engagement ring shouldn’t cost you a fortune but must fit within your set budget. And a good jeweler has to be willing to work for you within your budget and has to give you the best quality within your budget.

Remember, you still have a lot to spend on such as the wedding preparations so you should wisely spend on your engagement ring.

Get the Best Engagement Ring

The good news is that at SH jewellery you can get the best engagement ring that fits in your budget no matter your favourite ring design/shape.

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