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How to style your wardrobe for the rainy season?

How to style your wardrobe for the rainy season?

Perhaps the one season that requires a major chunk of preparation is the rainy season, you need to have a good idea of layering your attire that keeps you comfortable and protected from the elements. While waterproof bags and dresses that give you mobility while being in a rain coat or a poncho may not be at the top of the list of your concernsyou might want to prepare ahead of the season altogether so that you can enjoy the rains rather than get battered.

One has to be prepared for the weather be it rain or shine so that one can make the most of the weather. This is a special requirement for the times when you are traveling, as your clothing can have a major impact on you being able to have a great time on the trip. Weather can be unpredictable but most of the time we have a pretty decent idea about how the day is going to turn out and we prepare accordingly.

The outwear.

Preparing for the rainy season doesn’t mean you need to look like a utilitarian you just need to put some thought into your attire according to your daily itinerary. If you have some heavy work you will be needing all the mobility and flexibility that you can get and this calls for a lightweight foldable jacket that you can don over the layers that you have put on to keep yourself warm and dry.

A trench coat is one of the best options for you if you are going to be hopping in and out of vehicles to and from your destinations. Similarly, a raincoat or a poncho can be a great option if you intend to be working in the field and aren’t expecting much rain.


You must have come across the fact “The first thing that people notice subconsciously in an individual’s attire is the shoes” this goes on to show how important shoes are in making sure that you are dressed right whether it be for an occasion or an activity. Not only do they play a keen role in protecting your feet from the various critters and wildlife that become active once it starts to rain but also keep your feet dry and protect you from infections and fungal diseases. There are serious foot diseases that can happen due to having wet feet for a prolonged period like “Trench Foot”. This is a disease that can cause a great deal of harm to an individual that might end up with the feet being amputated.

The most important accessories.

Well apart from what you put on the one thing that can make a difference are the accessories that you carry with you. an umbrella, a poncho, or a raincoat are important accessories that you can carry with you. this is for the scenarios where you have little idea of how the weather is going to turn out. If you are traveling to temperate climates make sure that you have a compact travel umbrella or raincoat in your backpack.

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