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Your Guide to Jewelry Investments

Your Guide to Jewelry Investments

Until recently, when most people thought of investing, they thought about the stock market, and they believed that they needed a hefty minimum investment to even think about getting started as an investor. Lately, though, upstart companies, such as Robinhood, have democratized stock market investing to give those with low minimum investment access to the stock market in new ways. Now, these unusual accredited investor types who started with a smallish investment in Robinhood are getting interested in new asset classes.

Why shouldn’t they? There are plenty of exciting alternative investment opportunities out there in real estate, fine art, and even jewelry. Why limit yourself to one asset class when diversification is nearly the way to earn more in less time and keep your assets safe at the same time? If you’re an accredited investor who is ready to take your investing game to the next level, read on about the beautiful, wide world of jewelry investments.

Think of aesthetics, not just precious metals.

The first thing to be aware of as you wade into the waters of jewelry investment is that the whole is sometimes worth more than the sum of its parts. That is to say, it’s not enough for a pair of earrings to carry a certain weight in yellow gold or to have diamonds with a particular number of carats—they have to be beautiful on your ears as well. Think about it this way; if you buy a pair of hoop earrings that no one wants to buy or that has an unattractive design, you won’t be able to find any buyers.

Even if you end up buying golden ear adornments worth their weight in gold, you’re still hoping to sell these earrings back to a gold or silver trader one day. That’s the whole point. Sure, best sellers are a great option. However, earrings with a rare type of engraving, or a particular technique used to create the hoops, or even from an earring-maker with a certain pedigree, will be worth more. Therefore, think about the aesthetic of the jewelry you invest in to increase this asset class’ net worth.

Get some expert advice.


As you add alternative investments to your portfolio, it doesn’t hurt to talk to some experts. There are platforms out there for new investors. There are also investment platforms, like Yieldstreet, built to help people understand the world of alternative assets. Whether you’re thinking about getting into real estate, marine finance, fine art, or jewelry, using the tools available on the Yieldstreet platform will give you more knowledge before you open your wallet. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to investment opportunities.

Some people have asked ‘is Yieldstreet legit?,’ but these are mostly folks who don’t understand the intricacies of investment options. Yieldstreet is empowering people to make the most alternative assets like real estate and jewelry and bring returns into their bank account. Not only is Yieldstreet legit, the Yieldstreet platform is an important tool for the accredited investor who wants to branch out and add more to their annual income by way of alternative offerings.

Do your due diligence on any investment opportunity.


Even when you opt to go through a platform like Yieldstreet, it’s important to note that the investment is yours alone. Whether you’re becoming a borrower so that you can finance a real estate investment or buying rare gold stud earrings, it is your choice and you’re responsible for a low or high yield. Therefore, take your time and make sure you’ve done your due diligence on any investment opportunities you’re considering. Don’t be pressured by a lender or broker to sign any papers, if you’re going to be among the collectors of fine art or real estate properties you’ve got to own that power. Take your time, consider your options, and make sure your bank account can handle the type of investment you’re thinking about.

Alternative investments are exciting, but they take time and patience if you want that high yield you’re dreaming of. Think creatively and lean on the expert advice Yieldstreet offers, and you’ll be hearing good news soon enough.

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