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Worsted Wool Suiting Guide for Every Man

Worsted Wool Suiting Guide for Every Man

There are many types of wool fabrics out there that are being used in different ways. But these days, we are hearing a lot about worsted wool, and why not? After all, worsted wool is one of the most popular fabrics used to make suits for men. Though worsted wool goes back a long time, but it has never been more popular.

What is worsted wool? What are its uses? Is a suit made from this wool lightweight or heavy? This guide will answer all these questions so you have better idea of the fabric, which in turn is going to help you get the best suit for your requirement.

What Is Worsted Wool?

Worsted refers to a combed yarn, which is obtained by rotating metal combos to align long wool fibers and discard the short staple fibers. As a result, what you get is a glossy finish. The yarn is smooth, fine, and long-lasting. The yarn is sleeker, which gives the cloth a sleeker look as well, which is a major reason why most suits today are made from the best quality luxury worsted wool fabric. In fact, the suit you make from this material will always look much sleeker than any other woolen product.

It can also be woven into a thicker and heavier cloth. The finish here will be fuzzier and woollier. Everything depends on what look and feel the weaver wants.

The name ‘worsted wool’ dates back to the 12th century to the city of Worstead in England’s Norfolk County, which was an important center for cloth weaving at that time. But there were other cities in the area too that used to make this wool.


Weight is another key element in worsted wool. Heavier cloth is usually better. They last longer and hang better. But many men now tend to favor lighter cloth as it is more luxurious and better when it is not that cold.

Weight is determined by how the cloth is made and the yarn’s thickness. In the best material, the yarn will be set closely together on the loom. The weft and warp yarns are also woven around each other in a typical way.

Its ultimate use will also determine how the wool will be made and its weight. For instance, sports jackets can be looser and softer, while suits will be heavier. Worsted wool is also used to make blankets.

The construction will also play a role in how well the cloth retains its shape and hangs. A weave that is denser, such as twill, is better, and is thus preferred for trousers or suits.


Sometimes cashmere is included in small amounts to make the feel softer for men who demand a more luxurious feel in their suits, and for sports jackets. About 10% cashmere fiber is spun here with 90% wool. This proportion will make the cloth a bit softer, but it will still perform and hang well. A higher percentage of cashmere will make it baggy and spongier, which isn’t what you want for trousers and suits.

The cloth finishing, which includes milling, brushing, and others can vary with woolens. But with worsted, it is mostly consistent. A close, clean finish gives it the smart and sleek appearance that men love.

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